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DATA SECURITY AT WORK PLACE – Safety, Security & Privacy

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

There are millions of security risks everywhere. From every single decision we make, or do not make, we intake and exude an enormous amount of data.

The Payroll Setup Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Safety, Security & Privacy

It’s a list of the employees working for your company and the money you pay to them as salary. Payroll Outsourcing Services actually makes it easier for you to manage the payroll, deal with statutory compliance, and manage taxation.

Challenges for tech startups in Payroll Processing Services

As easy as it is, to begin a company; there are endless limitations and cons associated with such startups. To start a company altogether randomly, without realizing the implications of certain factors, can definitely be labelled as the mistake of a lifetime. One such limitation that poses as a constant challenge to most startups is, of course, the payroll processing services sector. Many startups tend to look into freelancers for payroll processing services, as they cannot be easily dealt with, without the right amount of experience and exposure in the field.

Core components of payroll processing in India

Trends in Payroll that will change an organizations

The monthly salary and wages disbursement have several key components structured together in every payroll. Within and between gross and net salary, there are several ‘components’ that make a salary package. These are essential for the employers and employees to calculate taxes, provident fund (PF), medical expenses, benefits, travel allowance and so on.

Trends In Payroll Processing That Will Change An Organizations’ Working Pattern

Trends in Payroll that will change an organizations

One of famous questions that often arises among working class is “What is Payroll?”. Payroll is a very important task of any business and insists an understanding of current regulations, detailed tax knowledge to ensure proper withholding and filing, and a highly organized system that can be relied upon to pay each employee the right amount of money. From a humble ledger book accounts; cash salary payments to e-transfers and auto-debits, the payroll system has come a long way. In the midst of widespread uptake of automation and cloud-based solutions, what does the future of payroll look like?

Need and Importance Of Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance

At the cusp of industry 4.0, businesses are often at the crossroads of digitization, change management and automation initiatives. Enterprises of all sizes are expanding their business territory thereby creating challenging supply chain networks. Along with this growth, statutory compliance and regulations are increasing exponentially.

What is staffing and the Facts about Staffing Solutions You Should Know

Payroll components

Staffing comprises of choosing the appropriate person for the appropriate job, training, and on-boarding while offering appropriate remuneration, performance appraisals, promotions, and transfer to employees.

Payroll and its components

Payroll components

An inevitable aspect of HR, which often gets overlooked, or worse, tossed over is the payroll. Perhaps one of the most important details that fall under the job of an HR professional and/or their employee is the payroll, but unfortunately, there is a lot of blank gaps with respect to how the salary structures and what not should be drafted.

Across the Globe, Future of Employee Payroll in Cryptocurrencies

compliance management

Handling of money, often one of the most anxiety inducing jobs, has taken an even larger toll since the introduction of crypto currency. It has led to sleepless nights and aimless days of calculating and processing the sudden gain and abrupt loss of this exciting concept of virtual money. Someone would call the whole occurrence as a product of over indulging in online gambles, but it is far more than that.

How A Payroll Systems Works

When we consider systems, we always think of an application – offline or online. But, that is a narrow way of looking at things. Many systems, such as production systems, train systems etc incorporate a much broader set of activities and structures.

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