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5 Reasons why TalentPro should be your Staffing Solutions provider

More and more services providers are outsourcing their staffing solutions, regardless of the nature of their services or the number of employees their operations involve. Staffing is an operation that demands picture perfect execution. You have to be on your feet to appoint the right person to do the right job at the right time. Naturally, this asks for a lot of time as well as manpower. This is where staffing outsourcing makes all the difference.


5 Important Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing is one of the key factors in a business. The ever changing aspect of modern business today has given rise to the specialized payroll outsourcing companies that take the responsibility away from the businesses, to make sure that they can focus solely on activities that will help them grow. 


Understanding Labor Law Compliance in India [Infographic]

Understanding the basics of Labor Laws is not just important - it is essential knowledge for companies to avoid risking legal liabilities. Regardless of big or small enterprise, timely and proactive compliance with Labor Laws is critical. Monitoring potential impacts and conforming to mandatory changes is an increasingly difficult task. 


Challenges Facing HR Executives [Report]

Compared with the responses, HR Professionals are more concerned with developing future leaders and remaining competitive in the talent marketplace, whereas they are less concerned with finding employees in global markets and breaking down cultural barriers to create a truly global organization.

Global Agency Work Industry in 2011 [Report]

Global agency work industry continued to recover and started seeing a positive growth throughout 2011 & 2012 after the slump in the economy which started in US in 2007 and gradually the growth spread across other countries in the world according to the Ciett economic report 2013 on the Global Agency Work Industry in 2011. The upward growth in agency work industry was witnessed in other major countries as well, except Europe and Japan both of which started seeing a downfall again in the first quarter of 2012.

Indian Staffing Federation (ISF) requests Indian Govt. for Confirmation of ILO Convention 181

Indian Staffing Federation (ISF), which is a highest body of staffing companies in India (Its main aim is the growth of Indian Staffing Industry) and CIETT, International Confederation of Employment agencies has urged the government of India to adopt a regulatory framework and to reform the labor laws system to align it with the unique ‘tripartite’ feature of the flexi staffing industry through International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 181. Both the bodies hence emphasized on the ratification of ILO Convention 181 for the growth of Indian Staffing Industry at the global level in the international colloquium held in New Delhi in March 2013.

India has the potential to become the largest staffing industry in the world

Global Staffing Industry has estimated India as the one of largest markets and also says that the country has the potential to become the largest staffing industry in the world given the support from Indian govt. in ratifying certain labor laws or regulations and with the demographic edge that the country has over China in the long run. Global experience in the staffing industry emphasizes on flexi staffing which provides flexible solutions and is advantageous to both employee and the employer.

Global Temporary Staffing Industry Size and Agency Revenue [Infographic]

The International Staffing Industry has been growing considerably over the last few years. The 2012 economic report by CIETT (International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies) which was prepared based on data from 43 countries says that the global staffing industry size has reached 10.4 million in the end of 2010. The report omits data from some countries where temp staffing is not legally recognized, the ones who don’t share the data and the countries for which the data was not available. Two major economies in the world China and India were not covered in the CIETT studies.

State Of Flexi Staffing Industry in India [Infographic]

Temporary Staffing or Contract Staffing is a process where companies hire professionals as per the requirements, for a particular period of time. Flexi staffing is often called “contract staffing”, “temping” or “temporary staffing”.

Embracing Human Resource Outsourcing

Outsourcing of HR administration is no more considered only by Fortune 100 global firms. It is not open even to midsize organization and is being fast embraced by them. Today many HR specialists like TalentPro are catering to mid-size companies with 5,000-10,000 employees as the benefits of outsourcing become more evident, as more and more organization are outsourcing all or part of their HR functions.

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