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5 Reasons why TalentPro should be your Staffing Solutions provider

More and more services providers are outsourcing their staffing solutions, regardless of the nature of their services or the number of employees their operations involve. Staffing is an operation that demands picture perfect execution. You have to be on your feet to appoint the right person to do the right job at the right time. Naturally, this asks for a lot of time as well as manpower. This is where staffing outsourcing makes all the difference.


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India has the potential to become the largest staffing industry in the world

Global Staffing Industry has estimated India as the one of largest markets and also says that the country has the potential to become the largest staffing industry in the world given the support from Indian govt. in ratifying certain labor laws or regulations and with the demographic edge that the country has over China in the long run. Global experience in the staffing industry emphasizes on flexi staffing which provides flexible solutions and is advantageous to both employee and the employer.

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Global Temporary Staffing Industry Size and Agency Revenue [Infographic]

The International Staffing Industry has been growing considerably over the last few years. The 2012 economic report by CIETT (International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies) which was prepared based on data from 43 countries says that the global staffing industry size has reached 10.4 million in the end of 2010. The report omits data from some countries where temp staffing is not legally recognized, the ones who don’t share the data and the countries for which the data was not available. Two major economies in the world China and India were not covered in the CIETT studies.

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State Of Flexi Staffing Industry in India [Infographic]

Temporary Staffing or Contract Staffing is a process where companies hire professionals as per the requirements, for a particular period of time. Flexi staffing is often called “contract staffing”, “temping” or “temporary staffing”.

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Five Steps to Finding Seasonal Employees

As every holiday surges closer, are your going through those sudden doses of stress and reward. Amidst all the excitement and tiring hours at retail stalls, the next big stress element is to worry about staff and having enough of them.

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TalentPro: Providing the best

TalentPro, India is a pioneer HR Services company. Since our establishment in 2000, we have been successful in providing HR business solutions that include:

  • Payroll Services,
  • •Staffing Solutions,
  • •Compliance,
  • •Training and
  • •Search selections (Recruitment)

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Temping For the Needy

Year after year,India churns out a large number of graduates and post-graduates with little or no job skills and the employability of these candidates poses a major human resource challenge. Add to this, the issue of having a large percentage of population that does not go beyond regular schooling, and what we have here is an explosive situation where, there is a lot of formal education, there is little to spurn our potential work force to become assets of an organization.

TalentProIndia, with over a decade of providing human resource solutions understands two significant peaks of the employment curve:
a) That vocational training is the need of the hour,
b) Temping is lot more than just filling the gaps in employment.

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Customise HR for young India or lose talent’

With an increasingly young work force driving corporate India, especially people-centric service industries which account for half of the country’s GDP, HR practices will have to be re-engineered to meet the aspirations of individual employees, noted speakers at MetamorphosisMetamorphosis, an HR Summit hosted at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

Speaking on people challenges in start ups and scaling enterprises, Mr Pankaj Bhargav, CEO, HRMantra Software, underlined the need to keep every employee aligned to the vision. “The younger lot is not ready to accept existing HR systems to evaluate and reward performance. The days of grades and salaries are gone. Whether it is salary expectations or perks, they have their own set of expectations. We need to personalise the HR policy to address individual aspirations,” he said.

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Staffing And Temping – Grab the Differentiators

Quick growth and great expansions within a short time frame are challenging situations.The issue gets compounded with the need for quality staff, spanning across a wide range of job skills and educational requirements. – A situation that requires completely new recruitment approaches.

The traditional routes of job advertising, job fairs or internal referral networks are time consuming, may not provide the quality you seek and do not provide employees who are ready to get on to the band wagon and deliver results. In-house corporate recruiters, most often are the lacunae, wanting in skills or tactics to get things done, within the requisite time frames.Outsourced staffing and temping solutions may just be the solution, and TalentPro has been able to cater to a wide range of requirements, meeting aggressive deadlines.

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Temporary Manpower to Permanent

Gone are the days when temporary manpower requirements had to be advertised separately. No more, “black-listing” them – the world, its economy and the way people’s work attitudes have evolved have taken temping to a different plane altogether. Did you know, that 20% of all temporary job listings are temp-to-perm positions and that piece of statistic makes “temping” very interesting, even for the conventional job seekers? There is a complete shift in the mindset of people on how they perceive temps and until now you would’ve come across.

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