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Core components of payroll processing in India

Trends in Payroll that will change an organizations

The monthly salary and wages disbursement have several key components structured together in every payroll. Within and between gross and net salary, there are several ‘components’ that make a salary package. These are essential for the employers and employees to calculate taxes, provident fund (PF), medical expenses, benefits, travel allowance and so on.

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Payroll and its components

Payroll components

An inevitable aspect of HR, which often gets overlooked, or worse, tossed over is the payroll. Perhaps one of the most important details that fall under the job of an HR professional and/or their employee is the payroll, but unfortunately, there is a lot of blank gaps with respect to how the salary structures and what not should be drafted.

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Across the Globe, Future of Employee Payroll in Cryptocurrencies

compliance management

Handling of money, often one of the most anxiety inducing jobs, has taken an even larger toll since the introduction of crypto currency. It has led to sleepless nights and aimless days of calculating and processing the sudden gain and abrupt loss of this exciting concept of virtual money. Someone would call the whole occurrence as a product of over indulging in online gambles, but it is far more than that.

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How A Payroll Systems Works

When we consider systems, we always think of an application – offline or online. But, that is a narrow way of looking at things. Many systems, such as production systems, train systems etc incorporate a much broader set of activities and structures.

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The Need for Payroll Outsourcing

The most common management mindset in India is to do everything in-house. This is a combination of culture and inexpensive labour. ‘I want a tight grip on my finance, and am certainly not going to get someone else to handle that’, is the most often heard thought process spoken aloud.

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How to choose the best Time & Attendance software for your business?

The modern workplace is changing at a dramatic pace. Young workers today are no longer ready to accept the 10-5 jobs. They want flexibility in the work hours and ready to work hard to complete their tasks. In addition, many of the modern workforce are looking at the Work From Home concept. After all, what can be done with a computer and an Internet connection, can be done from anywhere. If I have to write a detailed report or prepare a presentation, why can’t I just do it from home and spend some quality time with my loved ones at the same time?

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5 Important Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing is one of the key factors in a business. The ever changing aspect of modern business today has given rise to the specialized payroll outsourcing companies that take the responsibility away from the businesses, to make sure that they can focus solely on activities that will help them grow. 


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Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll to a Third Party Payroll provider

Payroll processing is a task that is complicated and consumes a lot of time, especially for small business where in there isn’t any dedicated person recruited to manage the organization’s payroll. Large companies may have multiple people dedicated to taking care of payroll processing, but small to medium-size companies may find it more efficient and cost effective to use an outside payroll processing company.

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Payroll Processing Technologies from TalentPro

Payroll processing technologies from TalentPro have always been well ahead of times. Their design and delivery empower managers, payroll administrators and employees to accomplish more on a daily basis.

Payroll processing is a simple process of calculating the net salary from the gross income and deductibles. This gets complicated when it involves many thousands of records.

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Payroll 101: Things You Must Know - 2

This is a series of blog posts that will address the most important points related to managing payroll. The second in this series will focus on “Understanding Payroll Management in India – Points to consider” The last 20 points from the law post.

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