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Big–Tax Data Analytics New Era for Tax Planning & Compliance

Rules and regulations keep changing. For example, labour laws or taxation are critical areas which are subject to changes depending on the political and governance situation. It is quite an effort to be abreast of the changes in compliances and rush to incorporate the changes or alterations. Understanding previous rules and their amendments pile on the additional workload on small business.

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Automobile Industry: Critical HR Challenges

Indian Automobile Industry has grown well over the years. With the rise in income of general citizens, there has been a strong demand from across the board. However, with growth, there come challenges. The recent spate of product recalls it has shaken the confidence of the industry somewhere or the other. The problems and difficulties associated with the Automobile industry have a human dimension too.

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After agriculture, manufacturing is the key employer for low skilled and semi-skilled workers in India. The manufacturing sector in India contributes majorly in uplifting rural areas through industrialization. Manufacturing sector empowers the country in reducing regional imbalances by ensuring equitable distribution of national income and wealth. HR is a very critical factor in the business development for any sector. To enhance overall performance in the manufacturing sector, there is a need to improve competitiveness via better human resource management. Let’s see some of the significant challenges for HR in the manufacturing industry.

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Cost of a Bad Hire - It's Huge than You Think

Recruiters and HR executives struggle to recruit the best candidates. An outstanding hire can progress productivity, increase office drive, and ultimately impact the company’s bottom line.

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How do Human Resources work in Uber, Ola, and other Taxi firms?

Uber and Ola are online transportation network companies. Both these companies operate on a pan India basis, having a network in every major city in India. These companies develop markets and manage the Uber Mobile App, which allows the customer with a smartphone, to submit a trip request, which is then routed to Uber drivers, who use their cars. Fares are calculated according to a formula. Uber and Ola have a minority share in the bills, and the drivers have a majority share. Uber is the largest taxi company, which owns no vehicles. The Present Valuation of Uber is 40 Billion Dollars.

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10 Exciting New Tax and GST offers in the New Financial Year

As we enter new Financial Year 2019-20, let’s have a look at the various changes under the Income-tax law and GST which shall be applicable from April 1, 2019.

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