Payroll 101: Things You Must Know - 1

This is a series of blog posts that will address the most important points related to managing payroll. The first in this series will focus on "Selecting Your Payroll Vendor – Top 20 Points To Consider" As you all know, payroll is an important part of an organisation irrespective of its size.

While large organisations hire their own personnel and make use of their own systems and software to meet their payroll requirements, it may not be feasible for small sized and medium sized organisations to do this. In such cases, these organisations seek the help of a payroll vendor to help them with their payroll processing. While there are industry leaders like TalentPro in the fray, there are also many payroll vendors who compete with one another to provide you with these services.

Here is a quick check list that can help your vendor-hunting a breeze:

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How to Manage Payroll Processing In an Organization

In this day and age of intense competition and market uncertainty, there are no guarantees that our professional lives will turn out according to our careful planning. However, there is one aspect that every hardworking employee looks forward with certainty i.e. their monthly paycheck. Having stated this, employees expect their employers to utilize a systematic approach in dispensing their salaries and wages on time, every time. Many large scale companies have their own payroll department that processes salaries and wages. Some small and medium scale companies choose to outsource their payroll activities to an outside agency. There are certain small scale companies that opt for manual method of computing and disbursing salaries.

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Payroll 101: Things You Must Know - 4

This is a series of blog posts that will address the most important points related to managing payroll. The third in this series will focus on “Understanding technology trends vis-à-vis Payroll”

Understanding Technology trends vis-à-vis Payroll

76. More than ever, it’s important for payroll professionals to stay current and understand trends in technology that can impact payroll and the business overall.

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The Art of Social Recruiting

Recruitment as a business proposition is quite an old process and has many best practices that are relevant to India, but social recruiting is relatively a new twist to the things on ground. While social recruiting too is all about building relationships, it can be a challenge if recruiters are not technology-savvy. Recruiters must be smart enough to involve both the left and right brain. Because it is not just about human beings and their selection, it is also about technology and the choices you have in applying technology. But like in real world, here too, trust and familiarity are important to building a solid talent pipeline, that has many rightly-qualified candidates for various positions, and who have a sense of kinship with a specific employer/recruiter. While traditional relationships in the real world depend a lot on your inter-personal skills, time and commitment, networking using Social Media can remove this hassle, by using technology as an effective medium to establish connections. 

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Is Your Resume Classy or Crass?

Have you ever noticed this? All men want their wives to look homely and unnoticeable, but choose arm-candy to be fluffy and noticeable. While wives are expected to be elegant, clean and simple, it is okay for arm-candy to be loud and glorious-looking. Because one is for the long-term and another is open to passing hands without evoking any great pain pangs from you. So it is all about presentation and formatting!

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10 Tips for Attracting Employees

Everybody knows the importance of choosing the right employees. For most organizations, the human capital is the most important investment. Without harping too much on the importance of attracting employees, lets get down to the brass tacks of building a recruitment policy that’ll help you attract and retain employees.

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TalentPro: Providing the best

TalentPro, India is a pioneer HR Services company. Since our establishment in 2000, we have been successful in providing HR business solutions that include:

  • Payroll Services,
  • •Staffing Solutions,
  • •Compliance,
  • •Training and
  • •Search selections (Recruitment)

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Temping For the Needy

Year after year,India churns out a large number of graduates and post-graduates with little or no job skills and the employability of these candidates poses a major human resource challenge. Add to this, the issue of having a large percentage of population that does not go beyond regular schooling, and what we have here is an explosive situation where, there is a lot of formal education, there is little to spurn our potential work force to become assets of an organization.

TalentProIndia, with over a decade of providing human resource solutions understands two significant peaks of the employment curve:
a) That vocational training is the need of the hour,
b) Temping is lot more than just filling the gaps in employment.

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TalentPro gears up to expand presence in payroll services

HR outsourcing company, TalentPro, is gearing up to tap the opportunities in the payroll services space, particularly in the tier II and III cities.

The company, according to Mr P. S. Srikumar, Vice-President (Sales and Marketing), has invested heavily in payroll services, processing over 65,000 records every month.

“There is huge opportunity in payroll processing as less than 7 per cent of the workforce is in the organised sector. With SMEs looking at opportunities in the export market and with compliance — be it labour law, environment or any such issue —becoming a matter of concern, companies have started to outsource payroll processing service. That’s where we come in,” Mr Srikumar told Business Line. Besides payroll services, TalentPro is also eyeing standalone compliance activity as another potential area for growth.

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People management – A vital need

It’s vital for HR today to exercise caution in order to keep errors that occur in people management can at bay. We highlight a few goof-ups and ways to deal with them

More hires, less time
According to P S Srikumar, VP, TalentPro India, very often, HR managers recruit under stress. A department in dire need of people puts undue pressure on the recruitment division and many a times, this results in a hiring mistake, as under such circumstances, the aspirations of the candidate may not commensurate with the needs to the role. A wrong hire is worse than having that position vacant. The recruitment carried out as a short-term solution to filling a vital position or in haste often creates larger problems, as under such occasions, HR is unable to map a career path for candidates, and this in turn, leads to further attrition.

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