TalentPro: Providing the best

TalentPro, India is a pioneer HR Services company. Since our establishment in 2000, we have been successful in providing HR business solutions that include:

  • Payroll Services,
  • •Staffing Solutions,
  • •Compliance,
  • •Training and
  • •Search selections (Recruitment)

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Temping For the Needy

Year after year,India churns out a large number of graduates and post-graduates with little or no job skills and the employability of these candidates poses a major human resource challenge. Add to this, the issue of having a large percentage of population that does not go beyond regular schooling, and what we have here is an explosive situation where, there is a lot of formal education, there is little to spurn our potential work force to become assets of an organization.

TalentProIndia, with over a decade of providing human resource solutions understands two significant peaks of the employment curve:
a) That vocational training is the need of the hour,
b) Temping is lot more than just filling the gaps in employment.

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TalentPro gears up to expand presence in payroll services

HR outsourcing company, TalentPro, is gearing up to tap the opportunities in the payroll services space, particularly in the tier II and III cities.

The company, according to Mr P. S. Srikumar, Vice-President (Sales and Marketing), has invested heavily in payroll services, processing over 65,000 records every month.

“There is huge opportunity in payroll processing as less than 7 per cent of the workforce is in the organised sector. With SMEs looking at opportunities in the export market and with compliance — be it labour law, environment or any such issue —becoming a matter of concern, companies have started to outsource payroll processing service. That’s where we come in,” Mr Srikumar told Business Line. Besides payroll services, TalentPro is also eyeing standalone compliance activity as another potential area for growth.

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People management – A vital need

It’s vital for HR today to exercise caution in order to keep errors that occur in people management can at bay. We highlight a few goof-ups and ways to deal with them

More hires, less time
According to P S Srikumar, VP, TalentPro India, very often, HR managers recruit under stress. A department in dire need of people puts undue pressure on the recruitment division and many a times, this results in a hiring mistake, as under such circumstances, the aspirations of the candidate may not commensurate with the needs to the role. A wrong hire is worse than having that position vacant. The recruitment carried out as a short-term solution to filling a vital position or in haste often creates larger problems, as under such occasions, HR is unable to map a career path for candidates, and this in turn, leads to further attrition.

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Customise HR for young India or lose talent’

With an increasingly young work force driving corporate India, especially people-centric service industries which account for half of the country’s GDP, HR practices will have to be re-engineered to meet the aspirations of individual employees, noted speakers at MetamorphosisMetamorphosis, an HR Summit hosted at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

Speaking on people challenges in start ups and scaling enterprises, Mr Pankaj Bhargav, CEO, HRMantra Software, underlined the need to keep every employee aligned to the vision. “The younger lot is not ready to accept existing HR systems to evaluate and reward performance. The days of grades and salaries are gone. Whether it is salary expectations or perks, they have their own set of expectations. We need to personalise the HR policy to address individual aspirations,” he said.

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Metamorphosis – The HR Summit

With a growth rate of around 8% GDP year after year, India is pacing ahead to be a super power on its own. This growth has been fuelled by the emerging service sectors which has changed the Global Outlook towards India. As the Indian economy looks to grow further in the coming decades, new jobs and roles are getting created with increasing complexities and requiring specific skill sets.

The existing educational system is orthodo…x in its approach and is unable to churn out suitable candidates to cater to this demand from industry. Millions of educated candidates enter the job market each year; however the challenge before the industry does not lie in the supply of talent but rather that of employability. Education and employability are not in step with each other.

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Understanding Corporate Compliance


Compliance as a Driver for Business Process Improvement

Outsourcing Your Business Payroll

In-house Payroll versus Outsourced Payroll Services

We all have this great fad for comparing things. The more we compare, the better we are supposed to be at our analytical skills, exercised with oh-I-am-out-of-the-world-attitude. And you also have a boss who always wears his holier than thou attitude, because he believes only in facts, numbers and charts. And he is armed with the magic wand of your next appraisal.

So when your organization asks you to give your opinion on the best course to take on outsourcing payroll, here is a handy-guide built on facts and empirical data to the boot (even if it looks like a compare-and-contrast-essay from school times) that can make you look equally smart, analytical and ready to take on the next rung in your career ladder.

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