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Alert Employers & Employees - Beware of Dangerous EMAIL SCAMS!

“All employers are targets for W-2 scams – IRS”

What is W2 Scams?

A W-2 phishing attack is a cyber-tactic that hackers use to obtain employees’ sensitive information from W-2s.

What is W2s form?

W-2s are important forms you include when you file your taxes. They enclose information such as your name, address, Social Security number, income, and tax withholdings.

How hackers steal your information?

Employees will receive an email scam that uses a CEO or organization leader name to request employee W-2 forms from company payroll or human resources departments.

Because payroll executives believe the email is from trusted source and exchanges W-2 form information with a cyber-criminal. Criminals use your credentials for fraudulent tax returns.

How to identify the Scam mail?

The mail starts with a simple greeting or subject line, like:

"Hey, you in today”, or IRS Important Notice and requesting for the below information

How to protect?

Businesses should report these scam emails by emailing to or

For more details, please visit our Payroll Outsourcing Page