Payroll Compliance July 2018

Compliance Calendar for July, 2018

Instant e-PAN based on Aadhaar launched

The Income Tax department has launched an ‘instant’ Aadhaar – based PAN allotment service for individuals seeking to get the unique identity for the first time. This facility is free of cost and instant allotment of e-PAN is available only for a limited period on the first-come-first-serve basis for valid Aadhaar holders

Once the PAN is allotted to an applicant through his electronic Aadhaar-based verification system in a few seconds, the applicant will be sent the PAN card by post, the official said.

The process can be done at the official portal:

PAN – Aadhaar Linking Date Extended

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), which makes policies for the Income Tax Department, on Saturday, extended the deadline for the PAN-Aadhaar linking to March 31 2019. This is the fifth time it has extended the deadline.

The earlier deadlines for the PAN-Aadhaar linking were 31 July, 31 August and 31 December 2017 followed by 31 March and 30 June of this year.

EPFO saying UAN is mandatory on Salary Slip(RO Indore Dated 18.06.2018)

EPFO has advised companies to make sure that UAN is printed on the salary slip of the employee.

As a token of having implemented the advisory issued by this office, All the Companies have to send a PDF copy of salary slip of the employees from the registered Mail ID of the establishment.

In case this office does not receive the sample salary slip, it would be presumed that either the establishment does not provide wage/salary slip to employees or has not adhered to the advisory issued by the office.

EPFO Members can now withdraw 75% of PF one month after the job loss

Retirement fund body EPFO has decided to give its members an option to withdraw 75% of their funds after one month of unemployment and keep their PF account with the body.

The members would also have an option to withdraw remaining 25 % of their funds and go for final settlement of account after completion of two months of unemployment under the new provision in the Employee Provident Fund Scheme 1952.

Amendment to the Medical Examination by Certifying Surgeon TN Factories Rules

  • Workers in the fireworks factories shall be medically examined by a Certifying Surgeon within 15 days of his first employment. It includes a skin test for Dermatitis, Pulmonary Function Test and Chest X-ray. No worker shall be allowed to work more than fifteen days if he/she doesn’t provide a certificate from surgeon.
  • Every worker shall be re-examined at least once every six months. Chest X-ray will be done once in three years. All these records shall also be entered by the Certifying Surgeon in a Health Register in Form No. 17.
  • The Certifying Surgeon after examining a worker shall issue a Certificate of Fitness in Form No. 27. The record of re-examination carried out shall be entered in the certificate and the certificate shall be kept in the custody of the manager of the factory.
  • The Certificate of Fitness and the Health Register shall be kept readily available for inspection by the Inspector
  • If Certifying Surgeon certifies that a worker is no longer fit, he shall make a record of his findings in those documents and should also include the period for which he considers that the said person is unfit for work in the said processes. The person so suspended from the process shall be provided with alternate placement facilities unless he is fully incapacitated.
  • No person who has been found unfit shall be re-employed in that processes unless the Certifying Surgeon certifies him fit for employment in those processes.

Insured Persons (IP’s) grievance redressal mechanism at ESIC Hospitals

  • Instances have been reported at ESIC Headquarters Regarding pending grievance of Insured Person’s treatment/services provided by ESC hospital.
  • In this regard, to give speedy solution of patient grievance, Competent Authority has directed that Medical Superintendent/ Senior doctor of the hospital mayor be nominated as the nodal officer (Public Grievance) who will personal & attended to patient/ attendant grievance at specified timings in morning and afternoon hours on daily basis, so as to provide immediate solutions of the grievance.
  • Adequate publicity is to be given for specifying the name of the Nodal officer, timing, place etc. which may be displayed at prominent locations in the hospital. Strict compliance is to be followed with immediate effect in this regard.

Process for challan deletion requests from Employers in ESIC

A large number of requests for deletion of challan are being received at To deal with such requests, the following mechanism has been proposed:

Primary conditions for acceptance/rejection of requests for Deletion of Challan from Employers:

  • Deletion requests for Challans already paid, will not be entertained.
  • Requests should be received within 3 days after generation of challans. Submission of Contribution if challan has not been generated.
  • Request for deletion should come from registered email ID of employer and with an authorization letter from the employer in case request is being made by the third person.
  • Hard copy to be sent by the employer in due course. All documents in the required format to be attached and sent with the email.
  • Challan deletion request should be for the challan of the previous month only. Example – Challan deletion request for contribution payable for April-18 shall be accepted in the month of May-18 and that of any other period prior to April-18 shall not be entertained.

Important Judgments – June 2018

  • Dismissal justified for sexual harassment and assault on a lady officer. Pat. HC 595
  • Employees on contract basis are also entitled to maternity leave. Ker. HC 601
  • Failure to report for duty can be construed as abandonment of job. Del. HC 628
  • Last drawn wages not payable to a reinstated workman when offered to be employed. Mad. HC 637
  • Employees covered under EPF & ESI by the contractor will not be employees of the principal employer. Del. HC 618
  • Last drawn wages during pendency in the higher court to be at the current rate of minimum wages. Mad. HC 637

The Meghalaya and Chandigarh Minimum Wages Notification (Apr 2018)