Our HR Services are shaped by each client’s unique needs and business context, aimed at giving the best to their HR spend

About Us

TalentPro is part of the $3 billion Briley group headquartered in Singapore with offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

TalentPro is a pioneer in India in delivering trusted end-to-end HR management services. We have become the vendor of choice both for large MNCs, and growing SMEs. Over the last decade we have set the benchmarks for delivery, quality, and reliability. Our highly motivated and energetic "young" team constantly sets high performance standards, resulting in enduring customer delight. This mindset has enabled us to have client retention of nearly 99.5%, easily the highest in the industry. Our services are shaped by each client’s unique needs and business compulsions, aimed at returning the highest value to their HRMS spend.

What has set up apart is our flawless processes and expert administration of HR programs. Our understanding of labor laws and statutory requirements, as well as on-the-ground assessment of local conditions, gives you the advantage of working with a seasoned player. With multiple offices across the country, we are able to seamlessly deliver staffing, compliance and HR management services.

Technology Driven

TalentPro has long been a technology driven company. With cutting edge software development, we have developed advanced HR domain software that is up-to-date and flexible. The software is updated with knowledge gained from the markets, tested, and then released for use. Flexibility enables us to deliver the exact MIS you are looking for. With servers in India and Singapore, your data is both secure and safe.

Our Services

TalentPro delivers a broad range of HR related services with focus on staffing, compliance, and HRMS. Organizations outsource HR service needs to TalentPro, not only to manage the HR processes, but also to enhance their own operational strength. This ensures compliance with industry and government regulations. You will soon appreciate that you are shifting gears from knowing what has happened in the HR space to assessing what is likely to happen next and be proactive in your actions.

Payroll Processing

Our payroll processing is a fully automated system that makes it easy for you to pay your salaries and manage earnings, deductions, and returns professionally. Using globally accepted SSAE 16 standards, we gather data on attendance and generate pay slips. If needed, we can also manage transfer of payroll funds to your employees on the given date.

Our payroll processing has defined backup, business continuity and disaster recovery systems that has enable us to deliver 100% reliable service for the last 17 odd years. From tax management to MIS, we give you everything to confidently outsource your payroll to us.


One of our core strengths, we current have over 30,000 staff working at our clients offices and factories. We manage selection, training, and deployment backed by payroll and statutory compliance functions.


Another core strength, we have helped many of our clients meets their statutory compliance obligations. With complete knowledge of state and central rules and laws, we start with a compliance audit and help you month after month to meet your compliance requirements.


Our HRMS and HRIS systems are developed to bring real-time HR data to your fingertips. Keep your employees happy and meet all your compliance obligations without breaking a sweat.

Call us today to experience world class HR services in India.