TalentPro - Employee Time & Attendance Management System

Payroll processing and Time and Attendance Management System

How affordable and reliable are time and attendance management systems? This is a question that often plagues small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and retailers, because everyone is concerned about the Return on Investment (ROI) on the requisite hardware and software.

There are many challenges that crop up, while choosing a payroll integrated with time and attendance management software. In addition, considerable amount of staff time must be put aside for review, selection, implementation and training phases, and investments for both the hardware and software have to be factored. In reality, small companies and retail outlets generally have only a time clock with some variation and some basic time and attendance tagging. Investing staff time and monitoring the part time and full time staff with complicated software may not be a preferred route for most of them. While it is a fact that any organization with 10 or more employees should have some level of time and attendance management software, adding more resources to keep track may not be a preferred choice for SMEs.

TalentPro’s comprehensive attendance and leave management system, takes care of all these concerns of the SME. Talent Pro Employee Attendance Module (TEAM) is compatible to any of the attendance marking technologies that include swipe cards, bio metric devises etc. In a recent exercise, Talent Pro has fine-tuned this module specifically for retail outlets which need shift-related attendance to be mapped. The software is mounted onto in shop desk tops from where the attendance data recorded is then transferred as input for processing salaries. Organizations that employ large work force across outlets over a large geographic area – find this useful, specifically when the payroll is also processed by Talent Pro. While designing this module, Talent Pro has kept the outsourcing bottom lines of SME and retailer in mind. The result is a complete outsourced payroll processing software with time and attendance management integrated keeping the costs and affordability factor for this specific groups.