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According to Indian market survey information

the Indian manpower recruitment services industry has been growing at around 10% in the last couple of years. Currently, recruitment process outsourcing market is worth over 30,000 crores. Some of the most important reasons for the growth of recruitment services are an increase in a number of organisations and businesses need for quality human talent and companies willing to pay a little extra to recruitment companies to identify suitable human resources.

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Manpower recruitment services in India

TalentPro is a recruitment firm which is also one of India’s best recruitment process outsourcing and staffing agencies. With over 25 years of experience in manpower recruitment services, we have grown over the years to become one of India’s well-known manpower recruitment agencies. We cater to the manpower recruitment requirements of companies ranging from start-ups to large organisations and across all industry sectors like IT, engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and FMCG. The huge advantage here is that we can provide you candidates from the same industry background, related industry sector, or totally a different domain.

Long term relationship – satisfied customers

Our current client list is very long, and at any given point of time we are servicing over 200 clients, and we are adding new clients almost every day. Added to this, our executive search recruitment can provide you with candidates ranging from entry-level to senior and experienced candidates. This includes candidates with niche skills and those who are hard to find or identify. This has led to most of our clients becoming repeat clients.

Our recruitment process

TalentPro India is a seasoned staffing and manpower recruitment services company who can find the right candidate for the right job in terms of fitment. This helps our clients to reduce the performance turnaround time of the candidate. It also helps organisations to spend lesser time in waiting for the candidate to start producing results. All these factors affect delivery, productivity, and the bottom line directly. With a large database of candidates of almost 10,000 candidates, we can handle all your recruitment process outsourcing with utmost sincerity, dedication and commitment. We are a value adding recruitment service agency in India which is why we are in touch with our candidates always and they also come back to us if they need any placement help.

Replacement clause

As a professional recruitment service company, we offer a 45 to 90 days replacement guarantee. Any candidate leaving within this period, you can be sure that you will have your replacement at no extra cost whatsoever.

IT manpower recruitment services in India

For the IT industry, we have a well-established testing process that includes tough online tests. These candidates are then interviewed by seasoned experts on communication, technical and productivity capabilities. We have again built up a large database of potential candidates that we can bring on board for you quickly. Our IT recruitment services speak for itself.

Pan-India presence

Capable of providing multi location manpower recruitment services in India, our experienced recruitment team is passionate about finding the best candidates for your organisation. We are one of the very few recruitment consultants in India who can provide top of the class servicing in volume hiring as well as vertical hiring. All these features put together makes us one of India’s top recruitment process outsourcing agencies. It is high time that you think of turning to TalentPro for all your professional manpower recruitment service needs and experience the best service from a capable and experienced HR service partner. A turning point of your HR needs in your company is just a phone call away. Looking for a third party payroll and recruitment services, call TalentPro now!