Payroll compliance

Uncover the keys to seamless record-keeping, timely filings, and error-free payroll processing.

Payroll compliance

In India, payroll compliance or statutory compliance

pertains to the legal obligations that companies must meet in the treatment of their employees. Organizations invest significantly in activities like company audits to ensure adherence to these regulations. Hence, it is crucial to get it right from the start and promptly adhere to compliance requirements.

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List of compliance under payroll compliance

Ensures timely payment of wages by employers, with flexibility in payment frequency and mode.

Sets minimum wage rates to prevent labour exploitation, with variations across states and sectors.

Mandates annual bonuses based on remuneration and company profits for employees with at least 30 days of work.

Provides maternity leave and benefits for women employees in organizations with over ten employees.

Aims to address unforeseen circumstances by employer-employee contributions for medical emergencies, maternity, and workplace accidents.

Requires employer and employee contributions for social welfare, applicable to establishments with 20 or more employees.

Improves working conditions and social security for employees in specific industries, governed by state authorities.

Mandates gratuity payments in establishments with ten or more employees, encompassing NGOs, hospitals, and educational institutions.

Indirect tax collection through employer deduction before salary payment, applicable to all employees within the Income Tax Slab.

Outsourcing compliance management to experts, like TalentPro, ensures businesses adhere to these regulations seamlessly, maintaining safety and soundness.

Every organisation needs to adhere to the remittances of EPF / ESI / PT / LWF. TalentPro can support for post payroll compliances requirement by covering the below-mentioned “Scope of Work”.