Human Resources in ‘Gig Economy” – Temporary Employment

January 2, 2019

In a world swarming with over population, it is not surprising that companies and organisations find themselves full of employees. It is an absolute fact that employees form the root of any company, but for the company to grow strongly, the employees should be deeply rooted.

The job description of every Human Resource executive mainly revolves around, well, people. How they manage people, how they bring in people, how they retain and sustain and so on. Though it is an extensively detailed job that must be handled with extreme expertise, it isn’t one that requires a full time, salaried employee. If a company leaves the job to a full time employee, they will end up with overpayment.

Here is a list of reasons as to why a freelancer will always be more profitable in comparison to a full time employee with respect to the job description of a Human Resource executive:

1) The concept of Time:

To efficiently and effectively run a business, one must understand time management and how it affects their employees. For example, a full time HR employee might not always have a lot of duties, and might instead have rush hours of work.

This is when temporary recruitment proves to be useful. Whenever the company is engulfed with human resource duties, such as employee recruitment or even firing, they can call an expert in.

2) Constantly Updating:

With a bunch of ready to work freelancers, this service would infinitely and continuously update itself to push for the top positions and companies to hire them.

Renewing themselves with different software applications, and varied courses; these ready to hire temporary employees will be well equipped in comparison to a regular full time worker.

3) Profitable:

The biggest challenge for every company is to remain profitable and sustainable. To remain in such a way, or drag itself to such a top position, the company has to make some cuts. Now, this tends to be a tough job. The first call is to cut down a couple of employees. One smart decision to make is to remove permanent workers, such as human resource professionals, and replace them with temporary hires and freelancers. Basically, they fill in whenever there is a job. Thus, every minute counts for them as it is paid, and whenever they aren’t working, the company doesn’t have to splurge more money.

4) Switch:

This might seem silly, but there are many a times when the company does not really require someone to be working in a particular position, but continue to pay and retain them because of their expertise in that area and/or overall experience with the company. This, surprisingly, is true, and many companies face this dilemma. But when they opt for freelancers in this field, it becomes far more simpler to hire whenever necessary and switch to another professional if required.

As important as people are, and as valuable as they can be for a company or an organization; there are times when the actual value of time and money cuts the bigger picture. Human Resources is one stream of job that requires a lot of planning, organizing and execution; but at different time intervals.

TalentPro India happens to be one of the most leading and top companies for recruiting temporary staffing or freelancers and such non-salaried employees. Besides the above mentioned staffing and recruiting, TalentPro India also has a sensational software application which makes the management of human resource much simpler and is far more advanced. The app, made with efficiency and effectiveness in mind, has been trained to help the human resource by providing them with all kinds of data, from hire to fire. Besides being extremely user friendly, the app is also highly accurate and affordable.

The TalentPro HRMS, as it has been named, has the right data that can be supplied to your company and your management team in order to keep employees happy, motivated and ensure great productivity. Overall, TalentPro India can be easily named synonymous with Recruiting and making HR simpler in various ways.

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