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India is one of the best places in the world for Start-ups today

A gigantic market, a strong need and a growing economy on an upsurge; India has always thrived on entrepreneurship and a large bulk of the goods and services are delivered by private and public entrepreneurs.

Starting with IT services, startups now cover many areas including defence products and services, e-commerce, catering, hospitality, healthcare, communication, etc. Start-ups have also entered consumer goods in a big way threatening established players. An area that is gaining momentum is organics goods.

A start-up is usually a work of passion. An entrepreneur has an idea and, in most cases, jumps in with a few friends and well-wishers to convert that idea into a robust business. A great idea with potential is capable of procuring funding from angel investors or from professional venture capitalists.

Startups need substantial commitment, funds, and a strong belief in the vision. Startups are not for the weak minded.

At TalentPro we appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit, the idea of start-ups and most definitely, understand the stumbling blocks that hound the process of setting them up. As an established HR company, we have created a number of solutions for Start-ups. Our solutions cover a number of areas, explained briefly here. For details, please visit the page dedicated to each of the solutions listed below:

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Payroll solutions for start-ups

Our payroll solutions is one of the most advanced and proven solutions in the country. Based on a technology that has evolved over – years, our payroll solutions follow all the required laws in the country irrespective of where you run your startup from. With multi-level process and audit checks, our payroll solutions are guaranteed to deliver 100% accuracy all the time. With a single window line of solutions for your tax, compliance, leave management and attendance management, our indigenously built payroll applications capable of handling data migration and going live in 4 days, we deliver!

Compliance solutions for start-ups

Irrespective of the kind of business you do, there are a number of state and central laws you have to adhere to. The labour laws of the country are quite detailed and the rules change basis employees headcount and levels. We handle compliances that include provident fund management, ESIC management, professional tax management and labor welfare fund management. Under labour compliance, we ensure you meet all the requirements of the shops & establishment act.

TalentPro has automated processes in compliance, greatly reducing human error. We boast of qualified and experienced compliance officers with thorough knowledge of local laws, dedicated for each state.

From a legal perspective, TalentPro follows the highest of ethical standards.We are your best bet for compliance.

HRMS system for start-ups

The TalentPro HRMS system is an advanced technology based solution that is well-established and proven in the market. The system is designed to cover the complete life cycle of an employee from recruitment all the way to retirement and post- retirement benefits. The ease of effective time, attendance and leave management, resume management, right upto post retirement benefits makes it possible for stress-free employee engagement, seamlessly integrating the entire HR function

HR consulting for start-ups

While establishing a startup, the HR modus operandi ranging from organizational design to compensation and benefits structuring, diversity & inclusion, employee engagement, performance management , HR policies, and training are areas that require many quick short term goals with an eye on the future. TalentPro can step in here to provide the necessary inputs, and resources such as white papers/ research reports/ presentations to help establish such HR processes

“It is an established fact that soft skills/behavioural skills are as necessary as occupational skills and probably mandatory, in any profession. They form the long term backbone of any successful employee and consequently, any organization.

At TalentPro, we take pride in providing a constructive and enriching experience to our clients by providing essential support to the business, facilitating in nurturing human assets in the journey of its evolution and enhancement of skills and competencies of the people within.

We design ILT (Instructor Led Training) training packages adapted to the client’s prerequisites; covering behavioural skills right from communication skills to effective time management and managing stress.

TalentPro start-up solutions

As a startup, your primary need is to ensure that your idea generates revenue. You need to focus on the core business for quite some till your business gets well established.

TalentPro’s start-up solutions are designed to give you the freedom and time to focus on your core business. HR, payroll, salaries and leave management are secondary services but do need meticulous handling. Let TalentPro handle all that with the expertise and knowledge we have built over decades.

Call us today to and we will work with you to ensure your idea becomes a success.

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