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The increasing complexity of businesses becoming

more human resource dependent, increases the risk and cost of HR disruption which goes beyond HR and this extends to every aspect of business. TalentPro, the leading Payroll Vendor, gives you the best HR Solutions that your business needs.

Our outsourcing and consulting services across HR solutions encompass PayrollStaffingCompliance, RecruitmentHR Consulting and Startup Solutions. These end-to-end services make sure that our clients focus on their work, with assured, reliable and timely support from us.

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TalentPro India’s HR solutions and services cater to all major industries including, manufacturing and service sectors, FMCG, healthcare, automotive, telecommunications and IT/ITES. As a trusted HR partner with wide range of service capabilities, TalentPro helps clients transform and succeed in difficult talent management circumstances.

Partnering with TalentPro’s services you don’t just outsource your corporate HR solutions but you gain the strength to maintain your business operations under virtually any condition comply with industry and government regulations and gain the ability to recover from the most challenging HR circumstances.

You will soon be able to appreciate that you are shifting gears from knowing what has happened in the HR space to assessing what is likely to happen next and be prepared to take the right action.

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TalentPro India’s Payroll system is everything that a business owner would want it to be. Our Payroll Processing is effective, easy, flexible and secure. We ensure that our payroll processing adheres to government regulations and is compliant with the current tax regime.
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Statutory compliance

TalentPro India specializes in offering a hassle-free Payroll and labour compliance process for businesses of any kind. TalentPro offers end-to-end compliance management assuring an efficient and error-free compliance process.
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IT staffing

We provide the best IT staffing solutions with in-depth industry knowledge, extensive candidate pool, and unique selection methodology.
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Staffing solution

TalentPro offers to address your staffing requirements with its tested and successfully proven Staffing solutions. From recruiting to training the candidates, TalentPro offers your business all that it needs to hire and sustain its staff.
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The growth of any business or organisation, be it small or large, hugely depends on the workforce it has. TalentPro’s Recruitment solutions helps you identify effective and the best of talent and recruits them for you.
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IT recruitment

Our innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and personalized service to help you build a dynamic and skilled IT workforce to drive your business forward.
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Training & development

We understand that Soft Skills is of huge importance for an employee to perform to his/her fullest abilities. TalentPro’s Training and Development programs ensure that your employee is enriched with the necessary behavioral skills, which in turn enhances his/her capabilities at the workplace.
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HR consulting

TalentPro understands that running a business is complex and offers comprehensive human resources consulting that fulfill all your HR needs. We cover a wide range of areas such as employee engagement, a diversified and stable organizational design, compensation and benefits structuring, performance management, HR policies, and training.
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NAPS at TalentPro, we believe in the transformative power of apprenticeship training to shape the future workforce and drive organizational success.
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Executive search

Our executive search services are meticulously designed to identify, attract, and secure top-tier talent capable of propelling businesses towards their strategic objectives.
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PoSH training

Our PoSH training program designed to educate and empower employees and employers alike. Let's delve deeper into how TalentPro's PoSH training can elevate your workforce.
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Aarambhpro startup solution

India is home to a large number of rapidly growing startups across varied verticals. We understand the nuances of setting up a startup and managing the complex taxations and HR policies that are associated with it. TalentPro offers young and growing startups a number of solutions to tackle their payroll, compliance and other HR related functions.
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