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PoSH awareness training: What and Why?

Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) Training

has gained companies’ attention, big or small, due to the recent increase in sexual harassment cases. Sexual harassment in the organization is a legal offense and cannot be taken easier by any employer. Organizing PoSH training in the workplace fosters healthy relationships and equality among employees, ensuring a quality work environment.

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PoSH training- a crucial role in the workplace

PoSH training helps employees identify and differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Training gives a clear understanding to employees of which behavior falls under sexual harassment. Work-related sexual harassment is one of the major concerns for any organization today. Even small-sized businesses and family-held companies are facing such issues. Adopting stringent policies and effective training by professional HR training consultancy are now vital elements in a business. To overcome these workplace harassment complaints and accusations, strong and regular training needs to be provided by skilled and experienced HR Services. Such training educates the employees, mitigates the risk related to legal liability, and meets legal compliance at the workplace.

What is PoSH training?

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Understanding the act
Employees must be aware of the fundamental definition of harassment. Most of the time, employees think that if one person touches another person, it is sexual harassment. Indeed, this behavior falls under sexual harassment, but this is not the only behavior.
Organizational culture vs social culture
Organizations set their values, but one cannot ignore the effects of social culture on corporate culture. It is observed that employees unconsciously carry social learning to the workplace. Sometimes, a specific behavior is acceptable in society, but it is not acceptable in the workplace.
Legal mandate
As per section 19(c) Sexual-harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013. Sexual harassment workshops should be conducted for every employee to make them understand the subject of the law. PoSH talks about the fundamental do’s and don’ts in the workplace. But to create a diversified workplace, working with individuals to bring a change during training programs is imperative.

Why is PoSH Training important?

The importance of PoSH training is to make the employees aware of and to make the consequences of violations in the organization. Training should be organized for both men and women to understand more about behavioral acceptance. This helps in maintaining equality in the workplace. In some instances, women are not aware of the happenings that come under the PoSH act. People around us are also not aware of the subjected of PoSH laws. This is why PoSH awareness training is primarily important in the organization for the protection of women’s rights, thus maintaining a high-quality work environment for success and growth.

The PoSH training is necessary for the employees to be aware of the PoSH act. The awareness of the training program helps the employees to come out and report any misconduct in the workplace to ensure safety in the work environment. Conducting PoSH training sessions for employees must be made mandatory so they can understand sexual misconduct and what acts constitute sexual harassment.

Talentpro provides PoSH training, which improves the quality of the workplace culture. This training generally improves the perception of employees about the organization, which caters to the employee’s safekeeping at its satisfaction.