5 Key trends that are Transforming the IT staffing industry

March 6, 2019

New trends in the IT staffing industry are not a new thing. We find that every year new processes, tools and methodologies that are taking the IT staffing industry by storm. To stay relevant in this fiercer industry, you must be familiar with the present trends and implement those latest technologies and changes. If you fail to move with time, you may lose out in the ultimate race and may even be out of the market quickly. The IT staffing industry is fast-paced and constantly changing with time.

Consider these 5 trends that are presently transforming the IT staffing industry.

1.    Contingent Work Growth

With time, the IT workforce is changing. More and more IT companies now realize the benefits of using temporary labor or the contingent workforce. IT Companies want specialized skills that will come at a lower cost. This can only happen if you hire temp workers. It has been often observed that a permanent position often occurs in the way maximizing your worth to the client. Contingent work is the requirement of today’s workplace.

2.    Big Data

IT industry has changed a lot with time, and so has IT Staffing. Big Data plays an important role in staffing. Data can be effectively used to seek knowledge and to form proper strategies for hiring. Using the information and the analytics that is available with you, data plays an active role in hiring the best talents. You will be able to exploit your capabilities to the maximum by smart use of big data, which will help you to get the best talent faster. To be precise, big data takes the sourcing process to the next level.

3.    Marketing and Recruiting

IT companies are result oriented firms. It depends on how you market your services to your client IT companies and do the IT staffing. Rather than spending a huge amount of money into seeking new talents and clients on costly advertisements, you can invest in inbound marketing and recruiting strategies. It is an effective tool for finding new candidates and clients. It is a real cost saving mechanism, which will give you a true mileage when you hunt for talents. IT staffing is a process that needs to be carefully studied and executed. There are various processes, which can be of great help as you seek talent.

4.    Artificial Intelligence

It has been observed that as elsewhere, IT staffing will be dominated by Artificial Intelligence in the coming years. Staffing industry will be able to use AI in the best possible ways to seek best talents, during the hiring process. This will lead to the removal of any subconscious bias during the interview process, which may be there in the selection of a diverse workforce. The use of AI will be more prominent in creating chatbots that can automate the initial communication and screening of candidates. AI is gradually taking over insignificant workspaces and so also in IT staffing.

5.    Social Media

Today’s age is a digital age, and social media plays a very vital part in every sphere of life. IT industry in India is composed mainly of youngsters, who are very active on Social Media. To engage this generation, you will need to reach them on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You can increase the use of social media for IT Staffing. By committing to strategic social media participation by aligning your recruiting objectives with social media activities, you may observe a significant value. An increased social media activity will bring about an improved search result, recruitment, measurable outcomes, and even reputation management. By staying up to date with the social media trends and making necessary changes to your talent hunt, you will ultimately increase your worth and win the war for talent. Establish yourself as a staffing leader of tomorrow, by being ahead in the game.

Thus we see that IT staffing is a continuously evolving process and is in high demand in today’s world of technology and advancement. IT is a major recruitment area in India; hence any agency that is in the business of IT staffing should be conscious of the major changes that are taking place in the surroundings. IT staffing is a lucrative business but at the same time a very challenging business too. The challenges can be adequately met only with proper strategy and sound knowledge along with the required skills.

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