Payroll Technology: 5 Things to Lookout For While Choosing the Best One

August 26, 2020
Payroll Technology- 5 Things to Look out For While Choosing the Best One

Technology is now a crucial component in any organization, even in the aspect of human resources. Payroll has drastically shifted to more digitized methods in the form of payroll technology and software. Blueweave consulting published a report in August 2018 stating that the Global Payroll & HR Solutions & Services Market is expected to grow over 9.45% during the forecast period 2018-2026. The market is projected to cross USD 43 Billion by the year 2026. Given that there might be changes owing to current markets, the demand, however, will remain. Here are some aspects to look for while choosing payroll technology from the best payroll processing services.


HR services and payroll processing services can offer services that may be cloud-based or centralized to a certain workplace, at a certain location. Data management on the cloud may be handled by the third-party organization for a certain subscription fee. On-site services may also allow full usage and data management for the software to operate only on the premises and be stored on a centralized system. However, there are instances of on-premises systems experiencing attacks or failures due to hacks. Cloud-based solutions can ensure that data is kept safe and backed up. However, it all boils down to convenience and what the organization would like to do in terms of the software’s locational aspect.

Customizable Services 

Different organizations and sectors will have different needs and requirements for their HR processes. Getting in touch with the right payroll vendor can immensely help HR departments and organizations handle their payroll process immensely. For instance, payroll vendor or payroll service company might offer a range of services while the client may only need tasks like attendance, time checks, and basic documentation handled. They might have someone in house or other vendors to handle taxation and salary-related tasks. In other cases, some organizations may only be able to avail of certain services due to budget constraints.

Integrated Features and Ease of Access

Given that the payroll process in HR comprises of a multitude of elements, organizations will need vendors and third parties that will help in making the process easier. What organizations can also look for is if there are certain key integrated features in the HR software or process. For instance, having HR and payroll software integrated with ESS (Employee Self Service) portals will be great value addition. It would also ease the ease of access for employees, allowing them to handle or verify documents and their data. Having a taxation feature in the software will also be of great help to managers.


Support plays a major role in helping managers or organizations decide on the kind of technology or software. Accessibility is a key factor when organizations require support from the payroll service vendor during a crisis. At that point in time, support systems need to be in place. Organizations must consider whether they’d want to get in touch with a representative from the third-party concern or will support be available in the software or through chatbots and so on.


Cost is always a major factor for organizations to consider whether they should look at third party payroll vendors or payroll processing services to help ease the burden on managers and the company. Cost also implies taking into account time, effort, and, if necessary, the cost of errors that have occurred due to inefficient practices or software. Having a budget can also help organizations come up with what features they’d be looking for specifically and how they can customize those features to best suit their needs.

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