How Payroll Outsourcing Can Help Your Organization Stay Compliant and Ethical

December 26, 2020

Processing an organization’s payroll is a time consuming and tedious task. It can potentially take away resources and efforts of an organization that could be directed elsewhere towards its growth.

According to Tholons Top 50 Digital Nations and A. T. Kearney Global Services Location Index of 2019, India is still the best nation to outsource. Payroll outsourcing services in India are still in great demand globally.

Payroll Tasks

The payroll management process is taken over by these third-party payroll management concerns that might have dedicated representatives or software to handle the needs of an organization’s payroll processes. These may include tasks such as

  1. Maintaining and updating employee records and related data.
  2. Calculating the wages, bonuses, deductions, social insurance and taxes of employees as per their designation as well as on the basis on contracts.
  3. Management of pension related contributions, medical benefits, holiday pay and other payments.
  4. Effective maintenance of records of employee transactions as well as payment systems for all employees at all levels.
  5. Providing employees clear instructions, channels and systems for payment
  6. Providing relevant records to concerned authorities and thereby ensuring that payroll compliance is upheld. Payroll outsourcing services in India ensure that all of these tasks are carried out diligently and efficiently.

Payroll Compliance and Ethics

Another crucial aspect that most payroll management services handle is payroll compliance. By adhering to laws related to payroll and payment of wages such as The Payment of Wages act (1923), The Minimum Wages Act (1948), The Employees’ State Insurance Act (1948), The Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act(1952).

By ensuring that compliances are met, organizations can ensure that all their business activities are above board and are conducted ethically. This can be done with the help of payroll outsourcing services in India. Some of the tasks that they do to ensure that ethical norms and compliance are met are:

Document and Identity Verification:

Managers must ensure that all their employees are carefully screen and vetted and their documents are up to date and verified. Managers have to protect the organization against fraudulent practices. Information received from previous organization of the employee must then be carefully stored, monitored, backed up and updated for compliance purposes.

Employee Segregation:

All employees must be segregated and monitored on the basis of whether they are permanent or temporary employees. The classification and segregation could also be on the basis of salary received. For instance, some may work on a contractual basis, other might be daily wage earners. This classification is vital because it might result in miscalculation of taxes and salaries and violate standardized labour laws and regulations.

Monitoring Processes:

Organizations have to ensure that all employee activities and transactions are carefully monitored without violating their privacy. Audits are a must when dealing with compliance and ethics to ensure that there are no illegal activities that could hurt the organization. This will also help managers in handling employee salaries which can be paid in a timely and efficient manner. This process can also help in avoiding incorrect payment of salaries to employees and workers.

Payment Schedules:

Having an uncompromising payment schedule ensures that HR managers work more efficiently as well as ensure that employees submit relevant documents on time. Allotting time for specific payroll related tasks during specific periods ensures that managers are not overburdened by the stress of handling payroll.


Outsourcing the payroll process to payroll outsourcing services in India   eliminates that stress and burden that managers have to face while ensuring that compliances on various fronts are met. This allows the time and effort spent on payroll processing and compliance to be directed elsewhere for better growth.

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