Understanding the Difference between RPO and Staffing Agency

December 10, 2021
Understanding the Difference between RPO and Staffing Agency

A traditional staffing agency helps business organizations in fulfilling their short-term hiring needs. On the other hand, delegating your long-term recruiting process to a professional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner ensures achieving business objectives through a comprehensive recruitment process.

A reliable staffing agency operates on a specific requirement basis, assisting businesses to hire temporary and temporary-to-permanent employees. In the case of RPO, the primary focus is on crafting a strategic recruitment program that helps to attract, recruit, and retain the best talent on a permanent basis.

Key Differences between RPO and Staffing Agency

  • RPO is all about having complete control over the entire recruitment process: Taking responsibility for everything related to recruitment, RPO recruiters are well-equipped to handle the processes across the recruitment and staffing continuum. Your RPO partner understands your unique business needs, spends time on unearthing the best skills, and guides you through the entire recruitment process. Staffing agencies are engaged with multiple companies simultaneously; they source suitable candidates for their clients.
  • RPO is best for the long term: RPO service providers tend to forge a long-term partnership with their clients, thus ensuring that there is never an emergency. Building a talent pipeline with active and passive candidates, they maintain a constant and focused delivery of resources. Unlike this, traditional staffing and recruitment agencies focus on identifying candidates for specific positions as and when required; they tend to fill positions. While such a case-based approach holds good for emergency requirements that call for quick staffing solutions, a strategic approach necessitates RPO services
  • Keep tabs on recruitment strategy: A long-term partnership model helps you analyze your entire recruitment strategy. Managers can understand the weak links and inefficiencies within their recruitment process. By leveraging technology, RPO service providers can track applicants efficiently, report on the time and cost to hire and suggest improved staffing plans according to specific business needs.
  • Ownership of entire recruitment service: In the case of traditional staffing agencies, the ownership of recruitment processes mostly remains with the business organization. With modern RPO services, the service provider takes complete responsibility and ownership of all the activities related to staffing and recruitment.

Why RPO is Considered the Lucrative Choice for Modern Businesses?

  • Meet business expansion and rapid growth: Expanding your business without compromising quality can be achieved with RPO, which is scalable. Working on the basis of an established framework, RPO professionals can meet any surge and spike in your human asset requirements.
  • Efficiently handle employee turnover: the problem of employee turnover often stems from poor candidate screening and poor handling of recruiting and onboarding processes. Your RPO partner will help identify the root causes and alleviate the turnover issue. The ability to retain the required skills is fundamental to achieving business profits.
  • Efficient recruitment processes: Joining hands with professional RPO service providers enables businesses to save costs and time considerably. Expert RPO agencies take responsibility for all the HR activities starting from screening to onboarding, thus ensuring to keep your talent acquisition costs under the wraps.

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Exclusive Factors that Distinguish RPO from a Traditional Staffing Agency

  • The combination of employer branding and proactive recruitment strategies
  • End-to-end talent acquisition processes that help to transform your business
  • Ensures positive candidate experience
  • Consistent hiring, onboarding, and managing processes
  • Proprietorship of the recruitment process

Improving retention rates and offering comprehensive staffing solutions, RPO is the most modern HR strategy in the business ecosystem today. It helps entrepreneurs and managers efficiently handle the business’s human resource aspect effortlessly.


Your RPO partner manages your organization’s recruitment cycle, from job profiling to staffing and reporting. By partnering with the right RPO agency, you can save considerable time and effort while acquiring the best talent in the industry.

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