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November 1, 2022

payroll service provider assists with or assumes all aspects of payroll on behalf of another business. This arrangement is often beneficial for employers who value their time and want to ensure that their employee’s salaries are paid accurately and on schedule. It is a very popular and efficient method for a hassle-free, smooth functioning of all your payroll administrative tasks. The overall goal of using a payroll service is to guarantee that every employee receives the correct payment on time.

Components of Payroll Processing:

Payroll providers make less time than the manual process, depending on the employer’s control level. The components of payroll processing make the wholesome payroll process and leverage the expertise solution for payroll process management.

1. Employee Information – The first step of payroll involves information about the employee’s salary. It also includes attendance, working hours, and mid-year salary revision data.

2. Pay Policy – The company’s internal payment policy is subjected to local laws. Varying policies like overtime pay, attendance policies, leaves, benefits, and allowances. 

3. Basic Salary – Basic pay varies between 35% to 65% of an employee’s total CTC, which is the base pay that remains constant throughout the employee’s tenure at the organization. 

4. Allowances – It is the surplus company’s payment to the employee during their job period in addition to other benefits. 

5. Deductions – Deductions refer to the amount removed from an employee’s monthly paycheck. These deductions are differentiated into two broad categories – voluntary and involuntary. Involuntary deductions include taxes, garnishments, and withholdings. Other voluntary deductions include health benefits, stock options, insurance, and investment premiums.

6. Gross Salary – The company’s total cost to employ employees. The gross salary or CTC is the employee’s wage before any deductions are made. 

7. Net Salary – It is the amount payable to the employee after the deductions are made, which is the salary the employee takes home regardless of their job designation.

8. Ad-Hoc Pay – Ad-Hoc pay is instilled in the company’s policies. This includes employee benefits such as bonuses, incentives, festival advances, leave and wage advances. 

9. Tax Deducted at Source – TDS refers to the direct method of taxation where the employer deducts the tax money from the employee’s salary. 

10. Perquisites – These benefits are available to high-ranking employees based on their designation in the company. Benefits such as rent-free living, company vehicle, medical policy, insurance premiums, and travel expenses are part of this component

List of guidance for the payroll process:

Before getting into a payroll service, employers must ensure the provider offers all the necessary services. Here are some lists to guide the decision-making process:

  1. Make a list of current payroll challenges
  2. Some employers feel difficulty with tax compliance or need more time for payroll. compatibility
  3. customer support
  4. Determination of time management
  5. Making transition time
  6. Cost estimates

Checklist of Payroll service transition: 

Once a contract is signed, the new payroll provider’s implementation team will typically guide the transition and setup process. The following checklist provides an overview of what employers can expect during this time:

  1. Preparation of payroll data
  2. Detailed information must be provided about all employees, payroll, taxes, and the business itself.
  3. Tax history verification
  4. New payroll providers usually check the tax history from the previous quarter for any errors that need correction and may pay any taxes.
  5. Before a payroll, the new provider may conduct a digital onboarding process, during which the client reviews all bank, employee, and tax information for accuracy.
  6. Cancellation of old payroll and tax services

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