Our HR Services are shaped by each client’s unique needs and business context, aimed at giving the best to their HR spend

About Us

TalentPro, a pioneer in delivering trusted end-to-end HR Management Services; has become a vendor by choice for large MNCs, and SMEs.

Over the last decade in our growth journey, with robust systems and processes, we have been benchmarked for quality & reliability.

We are proud about the fact that our highly motivated and energetic "young" team constantly sets high performance standards, resulting in enduring customer delight.

Our services are shaped by each client’s unique needs and business context, aimed at giving the best to their HRMS spend, balancing our advocacy to both employers and employees.

We have been chosen by our clients as partners for strategic advice, flawless process and expert administration of HR programs. Our understanding of best practices and assessment of local perspectives and resources, within a highly professional environment, is something that has won us long-term clients over the years.

Cutting-edge technology backs our deliverables, to customize client's HR programs. We leverage both our HR expertise and technology development skills to build solutions to fit the client's needs.

Our Technology Focuses on

Research & Development of Employee-friendly self-service HRMS modules

Constant Improvement in Process Automation

Development of Tools & Platforms that enable Efficient HR Process Delivery

Our Services

The complexity of today’s businesses becoming more human resource dependent increases the risk and cost of HR disruption which goes beyond HR and this extends to every aspect of business.

Organizations outsource HR service needs to TalentPro, not only to manage the HR processes, but also to enhance business operational strength. This ensures compliance with industry and government regulations.

Move your business, a step ahead, with TalentPro addressing your Corporate HR service needs across Payroll, Staffing, Compliance, HRMS, Recruitment Solutions and Startup Solutions.

You will soon appreciate that you are shifting gears from knowing what has happened in the HR space to assessing what is likely to happen next and be prepared with the right actions.

Contact us to learn how our world-class, fully integrated HR solutions can build continuity into every layer of your business.