End To End HRMS SaaS modules to support businesses
TalentPro’s robust technology supports HR process management with just a click of the button


Employees are the crux and essence of every organization. The better hired; the better they are, trained and managed; the more productive and profitable a business will be.

A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) or Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a software application that combines many human resource functions, including recruitment, payroll, performance management and development - all into one package. A quick change to the HR Management Software, popularly called HRMS OR HRIS, would help organizations to effectively manage their end-to-end HR activities.

TalentPro introduces HRMS / HRIS as its leading HR software under SaaS model, with service and support in its finest; providing the out-and-out HRMS user experience. Our HRMS offers and manages entire workforce from resume management to retirement. It features comprehensive and user-friendly workforce management. Our Software has been designed to meet the information need across all levels of Management and simplifies Decision making, Planning, Monitoring and Control of Daily Activities. Our HRMS is a Cloud (Web Based) Application providing those in HR, a complete and concrete solution for workforce management. Data access by employees is simplified as never before. SaaS mode enables to manage all data, without the extra trouble of overseeing or upgrading any hardware.

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