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Statutory Compliance Solutions

Businesses in India, right from their inception, are governed by a plethora of statutes. Any disregard for statutory compliances, at either the Central or State, could be a show stopper and could result in irreparable damage to the business, in terms of fines and may also lead to shut down.

Statutory compliance needs to be addressed with a structured approach and should be seen as a cost of doing business as a business compliant with all statutes always generates a great amount of goodwill, which results in growth and visibility in the market.

Choosing the right compliance service provider is of paramount importance to your business as your service provider ensures that systematic compliance for your enterprise is in place.

Service Highlights


Statutory Compliance Solutions


  • Payroll Related Compliances
  • Shops & Establishment Compliance
  • Factory Compliance
  • Mines Compliance
  • Staffing Compliance
  • Contract Labor (CLRA) Compliance

Payroll Related Compliances

Payroll, whether managed in-house or outsourced, companies have to be compliant under EPF, ESIC, Professional Tax and Labor Welfare Fund. The legislations around payroll compliance are ever changing and state-specific, with periodic updates. Payroll compliance is time-consuming, cumbersome and voluminous for your business HR organization to manage this.

TalentPro can help your business HR organizations with managing Payroll compliances including:

Shops & Establishment Compliance Management

TalentPro also provides assistance to your employees by setting up help desks for handling queries in the statutory-related processes and activities.

Shop and Establishment Act is applicable to every branch of the entity and hence, no matter of the employee size, location, each one has to be registered under the Shop and Establishment Act as per geographical requirement.

TalentPro offers end-to-end compliances which including the following activities:

Factory Compliance Management

Factory compliance requires expertise and a thorough knowledge of legislations covering factories. Organizations, usually neglect this core compliance, which may lead to grave consequences like huge penalties or even the business to be locked by the inspectors.

TalentPro’s Factory Compliance expertise offers a specific set of audits to existing factories and even consulting services to your new factory set-ups. This can include green field/workshops/warehouses and so on.

By partnering with TalentPro, you can be sure that your factory is compliant as per the norms with continuous support in assisting in registrations, renewal of licenses and handling inspections from authorities-internal/external/government/global clients, etc.,

Mines Compliance Management

The Mines Act for companies involves activities that include evacuation or handling of any mineral related substances in the business operations. It is mandatory to comply with a specific set of compliances to ensure safety of your business, as a whole, and should never be neglected.

TalentPro helps in handling end-to-end compliances starting with registrations, register maintenance, submission of returns, regular safety audits and related displays, inspection handling and related activities.

Staffing Compliance Management

TalentPro helps businesses to handle the entire suite of compliances that is related to contractors, temp staff, vendors, who are part of the non-core activities.

TalentPro has a clientele in diverse business groups and companies, expertly managing the staffing compliance from hire to retire.

Contract Labor Regulation & Abolition Act (CLRA) Compliance Management

Companies engage a number of contractors and contract laborers to carry out different jobs from highly skilled to unskilled activity.

The principal employer is ultimately responsible for the compliances of the contractors.

TalentPro offers this unique service to systemize and ensure compliances of the contractors, from manning time office to ensuring that the contractors are compliant TalentPro offers customized services for companies engaging large number of contract laborers in:

To comply with all statutory norms and avoid penalties for businesses to operate successfully, involves significant investment of resources, time, and continuous monitoring.

With the ever-changing employment laws, it becomes a challenge for small and mid-sized companies to keep themselves compliant. What these organizations need is reliable HR compliance services from an experienced provider.