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HRMS / HRIS System

Companies are built by the employees. Though an idea or a business plan is created by a few people, it is the employees who toil hard to convert that into a working and profitable business. The complete cycle of hiring an employee to manage his or her productivity and taking care of his or her requirement is an important function of the organisation. Right from choosing the best talent, to training and motivating them, to ensure they are happy is critical to an organisation’s success. Many companies go to extraordinary lengths to get this done. In India, for example, there are examples of companies that buy houses for their long-term employees, fund their holidays and so on. In Japan, it is common for an employee to think of his or her first job as the last one. As you go out and get more business, having a set of dependable employees gives you the confidence to deliver that can never be matched with any other asset.

Within the organisation, it is critical to manage attendance, time and leave of employees properly. As your organisation grows, it will become difficult to manually handle all the details of all your employees. Fortunately today, we have a time tested and proven software that can handle all this.

TalentPro’s HRMS system is advanced and proven software that manages time, attendance and employee leaves efficiently. From payroll to performance appraisal, to the development of the employee, the TalentPro HRMS manages the complete gamut of HR functions needed to keep your employees happy. From managing the resumes of prospective employees to ensuring their post-retirement benefits, the TalentPro HRMS system ensures nothing is left to chance.

A comprehensive and user-friendly workforce management system, our HRMS system has been designed to meet the operational and information need across all levels of management. It immensely simplifies decision making, planning, monitoring and control of all your daily HR activities.

SaaS Or Cloud

The TalentPro HRMS system is a cloud-based software system and is delivered to you as a SaaS model. SaaS or Software as a Service delivers a number of advantages over traditional software implementation. For one, your initial investment is low as you are not buying the software. Secondly, adoption methods are easier as you use only those features of the software that you need. As you grow and your HR functions increase, you can start using more features of the software. It is like having a powerful engine under your hood to let loose once you reach the highway.

At TalentPro, we are constantly working on enhancing the features of the HRMS system. This does not cost you anything as newer features are made available to you automatically. The software is highly secure with absolutely no chances of data loss or theft. People who are authorised by you would be able to view or edit the data.

Advantage Employee

One the biggest advantages of a SaaS system is visibility. Whether he is in the office or sitting at home, your employee can view every detail about his attendance, performance, and other information you authorise him to see. With current data in hand, your employee can discuss issues with your HR. They, in turn, will have the latest data by simply logging into the system. Multiple levels of data access ensure people get the right amount of data on attendance, productivity and leave that is needed to clear doubts and resolve issues.

Advantage Company

Since the TalentPro software runs as a SaaS, there is simply no loss of data or lack of data visibility. Every bit of information is backed up on multiple servers that have Military grade security protocols. With high-end connectivity, your data is always visible to you anytime you want to view it. In addition to the minutest details for you HR personnel, the TalentPro HRMS generates management reports that give a bird’s eye view to your senior management. You can plug soon-to-be issues in productivity and employee care even before the problem that requires attention.

Keep your employees happy and productive. Surprise your employees with an HRMS system that will delight them. Start becoming proactive in your HR and employee management. Call us today to understand the features of the TalentPro HRMS system. We will help you in its adoption, and handhold you all the way through its implementation and usage. Become a proud user of the best HRMS system available today.

Service Highlights

The TalentPro delivers a powerful set of services that make HR management easy. From the time you hire your employee to the time you bid him goodbye, the TalentPro HRMS system delivers powerful data and services in your hand

  • Complete Employee Life Cycle
  • Payroll Management System (Web TalentPay)
  • Employee Self-service (EPIC)
  • Time, Attendance & Leave Management (TEAM)
  • Travel Management
  • Expense Management
  • Performance Management
  • Letters Management
  • Online Survey and Exams
  • Online Suggestions & Rewards
  • Announcements
  • Exit Management


The TalentPro HRMS delivers powerful advantages to your HR and management team. Highly customizable, the TalentPro HRMS delivers every information you need to keep your employees happy and get them to be most productive.

  • End-To-end HRMS user experience
  • All HR functions in one place
  • Easy integration to your systems
  • Customization to suit organizational needs
  • Strong and proven HR methods
  • User-friendly employee self-service
  • SaaS mode or Cloud mode options
  • Powered by automated platforms
  • Smart & efficient system
  • Effective methodologies

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