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TalentPro is one of the best payroll service providers which offers a complete payroll management system in India. We provide payroll services to small businesses as well as medium and large organisations. With each passing day, more and more companies are turning to payroll vendors like TalentPro for payroll outsourcing services.

TalentPro offers many benefits of outsourcing which proves as to why payroll services should be outsourced to us.

  • National Presence

    Since we are a pan-India organisation, we are a one-stop shop providing payroll solutions anywhere in India.

  • Comprehensive End-to-End Services

    Our employee self-service portal From pay slips to full and final settlements, TalentPro can deliver all services related to the employee payroll system with ex

  • Outsourcing is Being Smart

    Outsourcing your payroll to an experienced and reliable third-party payroll service provider like TalentPro gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on your core business activities.

  • Proven Experience at your Service

    TalentPro currently generates over 1 lakh payslips every month. This means you have a payroll vendor who can work with you and for you effectively.

  • Multi-Industry Sector Service

    We provide payroll processing services across all industry sectors.

  • Flexible System

    Out payroll system gives you numerous flexible options like computing variable pay, complex pay structures, multiple salary revisions and support most bank formats.

  • Clients for life

    TalentPro is one of the very few payroll management companies in India with customer retention of almost 98.9%. Owing to our service and quality, clients who come to us, remain with us forever.

  • Modern Technology

    Our data management system utilizes the most modern technology to give you a superior fully automated payroll system experience with 100% accuracy.

  • Data Security

    Our Payroll Processing System meets the SSAE18 – Type II certification. Our up-to-date technology means that your sensitive and confidential data and information is in safe hands.

  • Motivated Workforce

    TalentPro’s advantages are not limited to experience and processes, it extends to people management also. Our positive and vibrant organizational culture provides a healthy work atmosphere thereby ensuring our human resources are always motivated and on top of their game. This translates to a quality people talent that works for you at all times.

TalentPro’s state-of-the data center ensures a high level of security of data and information in any format. Absolute confidentiality of client and employee information is maintained at all times. TalentPro’s national presence has enabled us to to cater to our clients’ Payroll requirements for any location in India.

Our Payroll Process

The payroll services we deliver follows clearly defined processes and clearly defined SLA’s. Our commitment to delivery can be easily understood and verified. We follow fully automated processes to handle your payroll outsourcing process so that possibilities of human errors are removed. We have ensured that our payroll processing follows all the required standard and government and Tax regulations.

To ensure accuracy, we execute multi-level process check that completely mitigates any errors. We have strong quality assurance mechanism in place that includes pre-payroll validations and post payroll Quality Assurance. This enables us to provide highest quality service and achieve 100% accuracy.

Our People & Quality Standards

We have a great Payroll team that has experts working for our clients with years of experience to handle all their payroll needs. Our employees stay with us for the long term as they enjoy their work and are happy with the friendly workplace culture resulting in process continuity. Our subject matter experts are at our clients’ disposal to answer to any queries posed to them.

Our payroll management is designed to keep your employees happy and satisfied. We ensure adherence to standards, government regulations and tax regime. Employees of our clients are a satisfied lot and we make sure that they are provided with adequate information with regard to salary, perquisites, taxes, provident fund or any of the myriad parts of payroll processing.

Our Technology & Data Security

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible standards in payroll processing and this has been possible due to our high levels of automation. Our Internet-based portal allows quick approvals and disbursements while maintaining security, accuracy, and confidentiality.

We understand and appreciate the importance of confidentiality of employee data. Our Payroll processing system meets the SSAE18 – Type II certification for the adherence to the payroll process and IT controls. Some of the measures that we take to ensure data security are:

  • Access to payroll system is only through terminals that cannot store or copy data.
  • Payroll processing system is not accessible through unauthorized means such as portable devices, printers, email or any other means.
  • Breach of data security through unauthorised means triggers notification immediately

Our Payroll Management System

We take away all your headaches for payroll processing and ensure you have to literally do nothing. Here is what we deliver in our payroll process.

Our Key Feature:

  • Web Based Employee Self Service Portal
  • Payroll Compliance Support – PF, ESI, PT, LWF
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Monthly Pay slips, Tax slips, Reimbursement slips
  • All reports including Journal Vouchers
  • Income tax return processing and filing – Quarterly and Annually
  • F&F Settlement Process
  • Flexi Benefit Plan
  • Travel claim processing – Local & Outstation
  • Form 16/12BA with digital signature
  • Online reimbursement entry & approval
  • Online investment proof verification
  • Query management system with defined TAT and escalation matrix
  • Reports, MIS & Journal Vouchers

Service Highlights:

  • End to End Payroll Process Management
  • Customized & Fully Automated Payroll Processing
  • Robust Payroll Software Supports Complex Pay structures
  • Flexibility to accommodate multiple salary revisions
  • Supports most bank up loadable formats
  • Supports end to end Payroll across industries
  • Supports dynamic component creation
  • Yearly payroll calendar – Proactive planning for the year
  • Multi – Level process checks to mitigate errors
  • Multi – Level process checks to mitigate errors
  • Data security and confidentiality-SSAE 18 Type II Compliant
  • Clearly Defined SLAs – No Hidden Cost

TalentPro is your best bet for a secure and complete payroll process that meets all applicable standards. Join the hundreds of companies who have handed over their payroll processing to us and are focusing on their core business. Our payroll process will keep you and your employees happy and enable you to concentrate on your core business, and enable your growth. Call your nearest TalentPro representative today and get a quick idea of how we can simplify your payroll process.

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