According to Economic Survey, currently India has 9000+ Start-ups and, these numbers are increasing exponentially, with as many as 10 new start-ups being launched every month. Among these start-up enthusiasts, 13% of the founders are those who have absolutely no prior work experience. As India gets ready to enter its next phase, our experts provide comprehensive support to these start-ups to begin their journey comfortably.

Registration and licenses

When you start your project, the paperwork is part of the process.

Depending on the type of work you start with and where you are located, different types of small business licenses and permits can apply to your situation. You will need a license and permit to use to your business during the initial process.

Organization structure

No, when you open your business, you do not need to create a comprehensive organizational structure. However, a simple corporate structure document helps you make current and future decisions about workforce planning, outsourcing, and succession plans. In some time, investing in design for your organization will provide a strong organizational basis that can increase your business.

Startup compliance

In its endeavor to encourage emerging companies in the country, the Indian government has launched a policy on the labor law for start-ups. Each organization should ultimately be subject to the provisions of each act and decide for itself whether it applies or not. The acts include:

Payroll services

Whichever is your emerging company, the most critical business management responsibilities are to ensure that your employees are paid correctly? Salary is not limited to those employees who receive money. The Payroll management process requires that both the worker and the employer have many responsibilities.

Payroll services for startups help you choose the best payroll service to meet your needs. This can help you save time and money. When it comes to wages, there are many policies and legal procedures to follow.

You can join a business activity that starts with a small office with a fixed monthly income with you and your employees; You will stumble with the extended work lists with many features of this work; You need to save time for your employees’ great liability and will never be easy.

The startup has two options when it comes to your employee pay – process payroll yourself or you should trust your payroll service provider to take care of yourself. Unless your employees have a staff well versed in employee payroll systems and related rules, think of outsourcing specialize in this resource.

HR consulting

The role of HR consulting services in the organization is different from the scope of outsourcing tasks. Some services go with “All or nothing” approach, and it is necessary that you deal with all your HR tasks or anything else. Others offer their services “on demand,” which means that the employer can choose the consulting services. The services include:

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