India’s new temping trends

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What is touted as the fastest growing temporary manpower trend is catching on at a slow, yet meaningful pace in India? It is estimated that close to 3 to 3.5% of the Indian workforce will be hired as “temps” or temporary workers.

Temping as a solution is an accepted norm with MNCs and Indian enterprises too are beginning to see the benefits of leasing employees from reliable staffing agencies. Most organizations see sense in out-sourcing non-core functions to employee leasing/staffing companies, or temping agencies, which can offer a sense of belonging to their staff.

Temping trends

TalentPro is a prominent player in providing end-to-end HR services and helps organizations augment their workforce with well-trained, quality people, who have a sense of loyalty to their agency. The retail sector has several of its requirements addressed, by providing seasonal workforce and flexible task forces. TalentPro is also a preferred vendor for many enterprises to meet their manpower requirement for short-term assignments and to augment their needs during “leave vacancies” or sudden terminations. Some of these are specialized requirements, and TalentPro’s executives have been able to offer great flexibility to their clients who keep changing their requirements, as challenges arise depending on the market changes, consumer demands and shorter product development life cycles.

TalentPro offers temping solutions right across the spectrum of accounts, front-office, sales, marketing and back-end operations of finance, HR and technical support, over a wide range of sectors viz., banking, telecom, IT, retail and FMCGs. TalentPro has been able to offer a wider bandwidth through its people, as client service is delivered through superior technology and refined processes. Temps have a sense of belonging as they are trained, motivated and their personal issues if any, are addressed, keeping the temp happy – This goes a long way in curbing attrition and in the long run, TalentPro’s clients stand to benefit. In that sense, TalentPro is one of those rare HR players who offer complete end-to-end HR activity management solutions.

As the country is experiencing an exponential growth in the need for quality temping staff, it is the availability of resources that will enable a temping agency to offer meaningful solutions to enterprises. TalentPro has been very successful in delivering improved productivity, has the capability to bench, ensuring that the right candidate is placed at the right time, in the right enterprise

The future

While temping agencies in India have a large role to play in moving candidates from the unorganized to the organized sector, with better quality candidates, enterprises will soon get ready to outsource even core functions, making temping the most viable staffing option of the future. Candidates too will get to benefit from the many Temp to Perm options that will become available.

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