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Peaceful Form 16 Automation - A solution is on Hand

Planning to outsource payroll? Worried over Form 16 automation? Been through hassles with income tax and reimbursement process? Entangled in legal issues over overtime calculation? Are you looking for an immediate solution to your outsourced payroll needs? - Yes, there are many players in the market. You can always find one who will come out with the most cost-effective option to suit your purse.

But please don’t go to the market with the assumption that any automated payroll Solutions can translate to being your immediate solution – because you are likely to be disappointed. Did you know that most payroll solutions in the market have inhibiting factors that hinder most small businesses?

While these applications charge for all online services for example keying in employee hours, daily updates on payroll and changes, reports processing and tax services, they charge exorbitantly for services that most small and medium enterprises need. TalentPro’s Payroll solutions are one of those rare in the breeds that do not believe in recovering cost of product development, with every client. As an established player with many clients, they pass on the gains to the client.

Working with an established player always brings with it, a certain amount of maturity to the product evolution plus zero worries about consequences and legal issues. With TalentPro’s payroll automation, you need not worry about the data gathering process, data storage and computation, not to forget about the huge savings on CapEX and OpEX costs. And it also eases offers you go-to-the-market value for payroll adjustments, changing tax rates, end-user customization and a round the clock visibility of the employees, to the employees.

Scalability and secure data processing with minimal implementation costs is assured and so is integration with time reporting systems, automatic updates to tax tables and archiving of payroll data for statistical analysis.

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