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Outsourcing non-core functions like staffing (temping), and focusing on core functions in a tight economy, is the most appropriate route for optimizing an organization’s management bandwidth.

However, immaterial of the trends in the economy; recruiting the right candidates with the right skills for the right job are always a challenge. In some sectors, while the number of people available to work has increased, the size of the talent pool has essentially remained the same. In the other sectors, an uncertain economy has created a queasy situation – While on the one hand passive candidates who are currently employed may not consider leaving their current position, on the other, exponential growth of available workers had added to the challenge of finding qualified talent. That’s because regardless of the number of people applying for jobs, the distribution of average, good and great candidates in the talent pool remains unchanged, always.

Recruiting and working with talent that can deliver results and still retaining the luxury of redefining the scope of a job, now and then, with the changing dynamics of an organization can be nerve-racking for the HR department. In such situations, HR Temping solution providers like TalentPro can step in to add value to your staffing needs.

Redefining temping

TalentPro has over the last few years redefined the concept of Temping. No more are “Temps” as they are called, “left-over” candidates. They are specialists and core-skilled personnel from TalentPro’s rolls, who can be hired for short or long periods and who will be willing to remain with the hirer as long as a project lasts.

While regular hiring contractors/agents are focused on finding the person with the right fit – matching roles and responsibilities with requisite skill sets, competencies, and experiences they make do with whatever is available, when the definition of required skills is too narrow or restrictive, significantly limiting the available qualified talent pool for their clients. Also, it is also true that most often there is a complete disconnect between the market prevalent skill sets and those demanded by an organization. To cap it all, determining the cultural fit and ability to learn is not something that can be gleaned during initial resume screening.

TalentPro has, thankfully, redefined temping

TalentPro’s temping solutions focus on candidates with transferable skills, knowledge, and capabilities. By identifying people who have developed comparable skills, even if they are from other domains, verticals or occupations, TalentPro has helped clients expand on the available talent pool, helping them meet critical business needs. While other players commoditize temping, TalentPro looks at temping solutions both from the client and the employee make-up.

While clients have a clear realizable ROI, the temps have a clear advantage of working through TalentPro. “Over 85 % of the market for temping in India, is driven by the sales force, and Talent Pro can significantly deliver meaningful propositions to clients on temping. We approach temping as a program that will help our clients realize a clear ROI.

Advantage Client

“In fact, for some of our clients, we have drawn a clear and effective secondary sales force management programs, that have shown clear ROIs,” shares P.S.Srikumar

Advantage Candidate

Candidates, including freshers look for permanency in their employment graph. By offering them an environment of inclusivity, and providing them with culturally appropriate practices that deliver competitive organization capabilities, TalentPro directly works on the candidate’s need for longevity on the system.

Fortunately, in some sectors, young people are willing to try out skills and employers, and have found the TalentPro experience invaluable in building their portfolio of skills across functions and hierarchies. By establishing a transparent relationship with the candidate and the client, TalentPro has brought in some premium skills to clients while covering the candidates’ interests on all structured benefits.

As temping is here to stay, the TalentPro association can be about longevity – for both the client and the candidate.

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