Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Hiring Processes in the New Normal

September 13, 2021
Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Hiring Processes in the New Normal

According to LinkedIn, India’s Labour Market Update for June 2021 showed a steady uptick in hiring activity for April 2021, around the second wave of CoVID-19 cases in India. Since then, hiring activity has seen a steady increase when compared to the pre-Covid levels in 2019.

Hiring processes have also undergone drastic changes with respect to the practice of hiring itself. Recruitment outsourcing companies are a major reason for this. These third-party service providers have drastically improved the way client organizations carry out their hiring and induction practices. Given that the pandemic has seen organizations struggling with multiple challenges on multiple fronts, these third-party vendors have been a godsend.

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Here are some of the ways that these recruitment outsourcing firms are helping organizations deal with the new normal:


A third-party outsource recruitment agency can add immense value to any organization by providing consultancy services to their client organization. The scope of consulting could range from lapses in the hiring process to gaps in certain sectors within a client organization that can be dealt with swiftly. Given that the CoVID-19 pandemic has organizations struggling to deal with an entirely new set of norms, these third-party providers have been instrumental in helping organizations gain perspective on their hiring process as well as other areas.


An RPO will take charge of and oversee the entirety of the hiring process for their client organization. This includes understanding an organization’s needs, drafting job listings, handling interviews, and eventually deciding on a suitable candidate. An organization need not burden itself with the tediousness of the hiring process. RPOs have also taken to using cutting-edge technology like chatbots to screen prospective employees.

Analytics and Reporting 

Third-party recruitment outsourcing services also offer analytics and reporting as part of their RPO process. These include access to software usages like dashboards and portals so that client organizations can view their progress. The data collected from these dashboards and software can provide much-needed insight to the client organization about their hiring processes. This feedback and data will provide a much-needed perspective for organizations to grow and improve their efficiency.

Benefits of RPO Hiring: 

  • The time, effort, and monetary resources that go into the hiring process are drastically cut down, enabling the organization to use these newfound resources to develop areas where they may be lacking.
  • Recruitment process outsourcing companies are flexible enough to adapt to the needs and necessities of a client organization. They can scale up or scale down the process.
  • Third-party vendors provide access to some of the most cutting-edge technology and software for their clients.
  • Given that a single-minded focus is on finding the right employee for an organization, the quality of hires is usually unmatched.
  • Another area that RPOs can immensely benefit organizations is in the field of compliance. These third-party concerns can ensure that hiring is done in accordance with existing rules and regulations. Given that there are compliances to be followed by organizations while hiring new employees, RPO vendors will ensure that the process adheres to relevant rules and regulations.

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