Campus To Corporate (C2C)

December 5, 2011

Campus To Corporate from TalentPro provides the transition from being a student to becoming a professional.

Students gain the confidence to perform a job, yet will be open to learn much on the job. They learn to blend into the new corporate world, yet will be willing to showcase their unique talents that will help them stand out among their peers.  They will be equipped to work effectively on their own, yet wholeheartedly will contribute as team members. These are the very traits every corporate is expecting from today’s students.

Campus To Corporate from TalentPro builds the confidence in your wards to take on their first interviews, interact with their boss and senior colleagues, make a crisp presentation and develop habits that can help them stand out. Life skills and business skills are seamlessly woven into the program that softens the landing into the challenging corporate world.

This program can be customized to suit the needs of the student and the expectations of the corporate world. Our trainers build a lasting relationship with your wards, and are available for them, long after the course.

Campus To Corporate Program
Close to 80% of Indian employers say that today’s students lack in soft skills and social skills necessary to fit into the corporate culture of their organisation. The Campus To Corporate Program is for graduates and post-graduates, seeking positions in the corporate world.

Instructor lead training with a mix of simulated games and multimedia based activities, mock interviews, GDs and role play.

Session Flow

  • Getting ready for the Campus Placement drive
  • Handling Tests – Tips and Tricks
  • Aptitude Tests and Group Discussions – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Interview Success – Handling the curve
  • Career Guidance – Getting the apt fit
  • Resume Writing
  • Wear the Corporate Hat – Meeting the corporate expectations

Student Take-Aways

  • Become aware of the ground works to be done prior the interview. Starting from information mining, grooming to folder management.
  • Become aware of different test methods and learn to successfully handle it.
  • Learn the tricks to face and win the crowd elimination rounds such as group discussion and aptitude test.
  • Familiarize with the nuances  of interview and learn to succeed in interviews with higher level of confidence
  • Obtain career guidance by understanding their own abilities in par with competencies expected by the job market
  • Learn to draft a winning resume
  • Understand what corporate expects in terms of etiquette, communication, team work and work ethics.

About TalentPro:

The TalentPro Corporate2Campus team is one of the most experienced graduate development teams from India, working with leading organisations across the country and across various industries. TalentPro also provides recruitment, staffing and executive placement services for some of the largest corporates, and so we really understand graduate psychology, culture and motivations.

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