Five Steps to Finding Seasonal Employees

January 16, 2012

As every holiday surges closer, are you’re going through those sudden doses of stress and reward? Amidst all the excitement and tiring hours at retail stalls, the next significant stress element is to worry about the staff and to have enough of them.

A knowledgeable and well-trained work fleet will keep your workflow smooth and steady even during a swell, and of course, beat your competition at it. To find the right staff, you shouldn’t be hitting the road just before the seasonal or holiday months. The search for competent employees should continue all year round.

  • Look at your previous year’s sales and sales plans. You’ll get an idea of whether you need more salespeople or people handling inventory or any specific time-slots that require additional hands.
  • Start screening for applicants, 2 – 3 months ahead; so that you can gauge the person and the team he/she is getting into.
  • Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to making the necessary marketing, staff, or inventory changes as the month’s progress.
  • The first to check is your pool of part-timers. They should get into the groove faster as they are already familiar with your organization and the everyday operations.
  • Once you get the right team, spend time on a rigorous training regimen. It is the only way to enhance customer experience and in getting your employees to know your products inside and out.

Seasonal employees not only give you an extra boost during the holiday season, but they also provide a talent-bank of who can fit into your full-time hiring needs in the future.

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You will certainly have the freedom to focus on your work, without the stress, and of course, enjoy the rewards of a full-blown holiday sale.

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