Embracing Human Resource Outsourcing

January 5, 2013

Outsourcing of HR administration is no more considered only by Fortune 100 global firms. It is now open even to the midsize organization and is being fast embraced by them. Today many HR specialists like TalentPro are catering to mid-size companies with 5,000-10,000 employees as the benefits of outsourcing become more evident, as more and more organization is outsourcing all or part of their HR functions.

Why should one think of outsourcing HR functions?

The top of the line thoughts in favor of outsourcing HR functions is that, by outsourcing their non-core competencies, organizations can focus on the more strategic aspects of HR such as new program creation, competencies, performance management, workforce management, and distance learning. When non-value added activities get outsourced, organizations can expend their efforts toward the more strategic initiatives in direct support of the company’s goals, mission, and objectives. This will enable the functions of Human Resources to be perceived as a source of information rather than as a department that facilitates non-strategic data.

The visible list of advantages while working with a player like TalentPro is:

  • Less administration
  • More proactive problem solving
  • More strategic workforce management
  • More counsel to leadership on HR best practices and business – HR alignment

However, yes, it is not a smooth sail. TalentPro can make it easy by helping you assess:

  • If your organization is ready to work with a trusted vendor?
  • If key executives are comfortable to renounce some amount of their control?
  • The current HR process and suggest remedies where needed, so that it can be outsourced
  • Performance measurement metrics so that the SLAs are clear, transparent and will measure the outsourced organization’s performance.
  • Ways and means of improving workflow and processes

By embracing HRO offered by professionals from TalentPro, many organizations have shown that the benefits outweigh the challenges.

HRO is a good option for business leaders who will take the time to evaluate their requirements. By outsourcing transactional aspects of HR administration, mid-size organizations simply allow their core business competencies to gain a viable edge over the competition.

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