Why attendance and leave management tracking system are crucial for Small & Medium business?

May 27, 2019

Most of the small businesses work on the belief that initial work is important, and once due revenue pours in, everyone will be rewarded. Sometimes the employees need to put in arduous labor, and they will be exhausted, if not their lives are made more comfortable. Taking care of the employee’s attendance and leave management tracking system is very important and certainly a very major step in this direction. Attendance systems based on paper time cards, registers, buddy punching, etc. are a real waste of time and money and hence most of the MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) usually opt for professional Attendance & Leave Management Software HR software that can take care of the attendance and the leave records of the employees.

Keeping track of leaves and attendance of employees is a daunting task if done manually. One of the significant challenges of the employers is to manage the time of employees effectively so that everyone in the organization is productive. Employee leave & attendance management tracking system involves keeping records of sick leaves and holidays, as well as ensuring that the payroll gets done in an error-free manner and on time.

One of the significant advantages of using technology-based system is that the chances of errors become absolutely nil. Time, attendance, and leave management are a very critical function and needs to be given topmost priority by the company. Let us have a closer look at some of the advantages of following an automated system to keep a track on the attendance and leave the management of the employees.

1)    No Human Error in Bookkeeping: In a manual system, a single wrong entry can lead to massive accounting errors. A technologically advanced automated leave management system removes chances of human error and thus saves much time, which may be fruitfully utilized in other strategic activities of the company.

2)    Minimum Paperwork: Generally, the amount of paperwork involved in a country is massive, and this progresses geometrically when done for hundreds of employees. An employee attendance and leave management system when integrated with a payroll eliminates the considerable effort and time that is otherwise wasted in useless paperwork. The same amount of time can be invested with core issues of the business. Technology plays a vital role in making the life of employees a lot better.

3)    Information Hub: It has been generally observed that centralized software that manages the leaves and attendance of the employees usually acts as a centralized information hub. The information in the form of a central database can be accessed by any employee from anywhere over any device. The kind of data being accessed can also be controlled. Such processes build trust and promote transparency in the company. It eventually ensures a level playing field for everyone.

4)    Adherence to Laws: In automated attendance and leave management system, every single concern get tick marked with just a few clicks. This is truly a very big benefit. Any update in the law can be quickly updated in the system. This will help the company to stay on the right side of the law, and eliminate the prospect of being served legal notice and ultimately ending up paying a lot of money.

Thus, we see that in a modern day business scenario, it is a must for small and medium businesses to be equipped with an employee attendance management system. Gone are the days when everything was paper-based and time-consuming — we at TalentPro India Pvt. Ltd to provide our expertise to various corporates in the field of attendance and leave management. We are equipped with the latest technology and the required knowledge to serve you better in your business pursuit.

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