Top 7 Manpower Recruitment Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

July 3, 2019

There is no guaranteed process for a flawless staffing process. Only if you have proper knowledge of the usual faults that occur, then you can have a chance to avoid them. Manpower Recruitment is a very strategic part of any business, and hence, it should be taken in the process to make it free of errors and get the best possible candidates.

Let us look at some of the common mistakes that happen in the Manpower recruitment processes.

Inaccurate job description

Describing the job honestly and accurately is very important. An inaccurate job description might lead to not getting the right candidates. A good job description is a simple list of duties. It should describe the role in terms of its overall purpose and identify critical areas of responsibility. You must not oversell the position and lead the applicants to believe that it offers more opportunity than it does.

Avoid Unconscious Bias

A good staffing process relies on decision-making abilities, which means that you should avoid unconscious bias. There are plenty of instances where a recruiter unknowingly may discriminate against specific candidates in favor of people who share a similar background, social class, ethnicity, gender, or age. Avoid making any such judgment as that will lead to getting the right candidate from the talent pool.

Relying too much on the interview

Some managers depend mainly on the interview. Interviewers spend most of their time trying to confirm the impression they formed of applicants in the first 10 seconds of meeting them. It is a fact that in an interview, an applicant might say or do anything to get a job. The best way to find out about the capability of the candidate is by giving her a test or exercise to find out how she might perform on the job.

Waiting too long for the perfect candidate

Remember, staffing is a continuous process. Waiting too long for that near perfect candidate might hamper the productivity of the team. The best way to avoid such a situation is to employ someone who meets most of the criterion rather than waiting for that near-perfect candidate. He can pick job-specific skills once he is in place.

Rushing through the hire

Manpower Recruitment is a very strategic process and should be carried out accordingly. Adequate time should be given to the recruitment process. Never a recruitment process should be rushed through as that might lead to getting the wrong candidate. Interview twice if needed and arrange for freelance or Staffing Agency to cover the role until you have the desired candidate.

Relying too much on references

References are an excellent way to get candidates but may not always be. Many a time, the information is incorrect and inaccurate. A positive review at one organization does not mean that he will shine at another and vice versa. As said earlier, the best way to access that capability of a candidate is by giving her a test or exercise that is relevant to the job. That is probably the best practice in the staffing process.

Expecting too much or too soon from a recruiter

As said earlier, that staffing is a continuous process, hence give some time to the recruit to settle down. It is essential to provide a few weeks to help the recruiter familiarize with the organization’s culture and environment.

The common errors can be avoided easily by being careful and alert and have a complete Staffing process.

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