Contract Staffing – Its benefits to employers

July 1, 2019

Contract Staffing is an excellent opportunity, and employees learn a lot on the job, but the misconception creates a feeling of insecurity in the minds of the employees. The following are the major types of Contractual Employment:

1)    Part Time Contract

2)    Fixed Term Contract

3)    Agency Staff

4)    Consultation on Freelancing

5)    Zero Hour Contract

6)    Voluntary Employment

Benefits of Contract Staffing Services

Contractual staffing offers plenty of benefits to both employers and employees. Let us have a look at some of the opportunities that contractual employment provides to the employers.

Cost Cutting

Contractual employment allows multiple benefits to businesses. They not only provide flexible hiring as per the demand of the workforce based on the projects or seasonal needs but also enables the employer to focus on the areas of core competence. This is a massive advantage if we talk in terms of cost-cutting. Not only the employer saves precious money for the business but also saves much time. This is the precise reason as to why more and more companies are going in for contract staffing services these days. Temporary staffing is gradually finding more and more acceptance in IT space.

Compliant with Statutory Norms

There is another very significant advantage of contract staffing. It lets the employers induct new employees without hiring them on their rolls. As said earlier, this not only saves cost but also sometimes simplifies many of the otherwise complex processes. The staffing firms often manage the salary and other benefits. It also reduces the contractual obligations of the employers towards their employees, such as gratuity benefits, if an employee works for a period of fewer than five years in the same organization. Staffing Agencies like TalentPro India, will take care of all the statutory compliance activities required.

Clear Employment Clause

In case of temporary staffing, it may be desirable for an employer to have a covenant not to compete for a clause that limits competition from the employee if they choose the leave the company. Some employees can learn the business of the employers and can set up a competing business. An employer would often like to limit this type of competition.

Protection of trade secrets is another significant result of contract staffing that every employer would want to have. The contract can dictate specific terms to employees’ hat will prohibit them from disclosing company secrets to outsiders.  An employer may also want a contract that will ensure any work or document created by the employee during his employment is and remains the property of the employer. A clause in the employee contract might save the company litigation costs, should there be a future dispute.

Finding the Right Fit

Contract staffing services is becoming popular with the employer as it helps to hire a key employee. Such an individual may have unique skills that an employer would have difficulty in replacing, should they choose to leave suddenly. An employer could contract certain conditions and offer incentives that are not possible without a contract.  In temporary staffing, employers are partly relieved from issues related to payment of wages, attendance, and issues related to compliances and inspections. As contractual employment is temporary in nature, it helps in reducing the chances of workers getting organized and collective bargaining.

It is for solely these numerous benefits; employers are finding temporary staffing a lucrative form of human resources sourcing right from the assembly lines of factories till the Information Technology sector. In temporary staffing, parties are allowed to negotiate terms and conditions of the employment arrangement to provide clarifications and protections for both the parties.

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