An Outsourcing Guide for Startups

August 13, 2019

Why outsourcing is Important?

HR is the backbone of any organization. It lends structure and support and manages an organization’s most valuable asset: the people. But there are instances where specific vital processes can be and are outsourced. For instance, startups may look to outsource certain key processes due to cost-cutting and the time and effort needed to complete them. In scenarios like these, organizations may choose to outsource key processes.

HR outsourcing is the act of delegating certain key HR processes to third party vendors. These vendors then take responsibility for those tasks and carry them out for the client. These might include key processes such as payroll, compliance, and HRM.

Payroll Outsourcing:

In many cases, organizations decide to assign the payroll process to payroll service providers. Outsourcing payroll for startups could prove advantageous to the company in the long run. These providers handle either aspect of payments such as timekeeping, salaries, or taxes. There are also payroll services for small businesses that can cover the whole spectrum of the payroll process.

Payroll outsourcing services have also begun to migrate to more efficient, tech-friendly options. Online payroll services are now offered to organizations on retainer to allow them to carry out their payroll processes with less effort and more efficiency.

Compliance Outsourcing:

Compliance is the hallmark of fair business. It ensures that all activities carried out by an organization are transparent and adhering to a set of regulations. However, for an HR manager, it may prove to be a difficult task. This might be due to the various legal intricacies involved in understanding compliance.

Startups require compliance consultants for startups. This will help them navigate through a jungle of red tape needed to get their business up and to run. Outsourcing the legal and labour law compliances for startups can cut down on time, cost, and effort. Specific legal services for startups and statutory compliance services for small businesses handle any legal challenges that a startup faces during its inception. This cuts down on having to hire an in-house specialist who may prove to be a costly endeavor.

HRMS Outsourcing:

A human resource management system is a software that combines various aspects of the HR process into one, user-friendly package. This tremendously cuts down the strain that most HR managers go through while handling these processes manually. Some of them handle the payroll process from end-to-end.

Startups are proof that HRMS for small businesses are highly effective. From preparing forms, determining company needs, handling personnel records, salaries and so on, and their range of services is unmatched. They also come with features such as attendance and leave management tracker. This switch to digital methods is more helpful for a manager to avoid the effort and generate accurate reports.

HR managers deal with a lot of responsibility and stress daily. Managing employees has become more comfortable with employee self-service portals. Employee self-service portals are software that allows employees to monitor and manage any of their information.

Employee self-service portals or ESS portals for short gives each employee login credentials. Once connected, they can view their details, documents, work progress, and so on.

The Benefits of Outsourcing:

  • Startups do not have the luxury of time. They need competitive solutions that handle their HR processes. Outsourcing cuts down on time cost and effort.
  • There is the advantage of better exposure when it comes to outsourcing the HR process.
  • Precise, on-time reports are generated.
  • The scope of HRMs is unlimited and is only limited by the rules and regulations laid out by the company.

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