HR and Mobile Technology – The Future of HR

October 22, 2019
HR and Mobile Technology – The Future of HR

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeInUp”]Mobile Technologies and Business:

Businesses are becoming increasingly competitive and must look at innovative strategies to stay ahead. One of them is the sudden reliance on smartphones and related mobile technologies. Given that India is the second-largest manufacturer of phones, almost 30 million people use smartphones. Smartphones have seeped into the world of business as well, with businesses taking advantage of the capabilities of a smartphone.

As of 2018, India became the world’s fastest-growing market for mobile phone applications. The ease of access that a smartphone has revolutionized businesses and marketplaces as we know it. The mobile phone application market has reached an estimated worth of 30 billion USD.

Companies have now begun to tailor apps for both in-house usages as well as to connect with consumers.

How Mobile Devices Shape HR Departments:

The Future group’s HR department recently switched from a web application accessible by employees at kiosks in the store to a mobile application. The store’s 68000 odd employees switched to a new app called Alt Worklife. This has led to a spike in productivity by 25%.

While organizations seek to stay ahead in terms of initiatives such as outsourcing, the current boom in terms of HR is in the field of HR technology, devices, or software that helps in the streamlining and automation of HR services

HR technology is now responsible for the development of apps for almost every element of HR.

How Mobile Technology Impacts the HR Industry:

Applications have taken over almost every facet of life. Some of the impacts that technology has had on the global workforce as well as HR departments include:

  • Usage of technology to lure in younger prospective candidates.
  • Better avenues for learning for a new workforce.
  • The emergence of a new field dedicated to the development of HR based applications.
  • Streamlines recruitment practices that reduce costs to parent organizations.
  • Better workforce engagement where organizations can use effective HRMS portals to convey information and interact with employees.
  • Better accuracy in almost every sphere: record maintenance, hiring and so on thanks to cloud-based maintenance.

How Mobile Is Transforming HR & Employee Management:        

To keep up with the demands of competitive global markets, companies are either outsourcing to HR companies which provide HR services for smaller companies to help them get off the ground. While the HR process is outsourced, the outsourced companies also make use of such software, as mentioned above.

These applications can also help in so many other ways, such as:

  • Helping managers understand the organizational pulse and deliver training programs at short notice through HR information systems through smartphones.
  • Better performance tracking for both the organization and employees.
  • Effective recruitment through job portal for mobile phones.

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