10 Innovative Hiring Strategies for 2020

December 20, 2019

Today’s world markets are in a constant state of flux. There is a frantic struggle to keep up with developments across various fields and markets. Aspects such as government policies, trade, international all impact how markets constantly evolve, which in turn will impact the hiring and staffing strategy of major organizations. 

As the year is almost at an end and a new one dawns, companies must be flexible yet taut when the time comes to hire the best talent for their firms. While organizations have been innovative about their staffing strategy using staffing solutions and contract staffing, here are some tips organizations can follow to improve their staffing strategy in the year ahead:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming a buzzword in the world of HR and staffing. Companies such as Staples, Adidas, and Hilton have begun to implement AI in their hiring processes. Chatbots (software that conducts a conversation via voice or text) tailored to a company’s ideals, needs, or voice can be used to see how potential hires reflect those qualities. 

Data-Driven Hiring Processes

Organizations have begun to adopt HR analytics as a key component of their decision-making processes. They have proven to be highly effective when compared to other hiring options. This has saved organizations a lot of cost and time. Organizations can now make hiring decisions based on trends and needs that can be forecasted using analytics.

Remote Workplaces

Remote and shared workplaces are fast replacing traditional ones to stay ahead of the competition. Hiring processes by organizations can use manpower outsourcing to attract ideal talent. It is a cost-effective process that enhances productivity and commitment, as demonstrated by several research studies. 

Multiple Abilities or Skillsets

Hiring candidates with various abilities or skillsets is another way an organization can deal with constant change in the marketplace. This will also help employees/ new hires adapt faster to more unique needs and expectations with relative ease. 

Talent Pool Generation

Talent pools are a tested method that organizations, both large and small, use to fill lacunae in key roles quickly. Talent pools can also adapt and take into consideration newer skills and abilities that the marketplace or organization needs to find suitable talent.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach out to potential hires. It helps organizations tap into a younger workforce that is more dynamic and creative and with minimal effort. Hiring interviews now happen on social media platforms like LinkedIn and even Twitter.

Inclusive Workplaces

Inclusivity in workplaces is slowly becoming a norm. Employers must begin to start looking at hiring policies that appropriate an inclusive culture that provides exposure as well as a new talent pool that exposes workforces to people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. 


A method used to source candidates since time immemorial, references are still a preferred way for employers to fill requirements. A study by LinkedIn quoted in a 2017 article said 55% of Indian talent hires still see referrals as a top source of hiring. Another study found that referral hires saved organizations up to 3000 USD. Therefore, in times of uncertainty, it always helps to have referral hires. 


Blockchain is being hailed as the next big thing in hiring processes, a decentralized ledger that allows employers to view an employee’s records, entirely up to date, along with aspects such as performance review history. What comes as a bonus is that the records and data are secure and completely encrypted.


Recruiters have begun to use gamification to assess candidate suitability for certain positions. Using game theory and mechanics to great effect, recruiters can make the recruiting process more fun, effectively harnessing or unleashing their potential.

With the country slowly progressing into the future, hiring practices are evolving as well. Innovation and flexibility in their hiring processes are something managers should continuously adapt to grow with change and hire the best candidates for their organizations. A third party contract staffing provider can assist you the best in this regard.

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