HR Tools & Tech needs to adopt in 2020

April 28, 2020

In 2020, HR technology is evolving as a preference for its users do, and ultimately, people can change as a result of promising technologies. These changing trends have a significant influence on the world of HR. Technology is witnessing rapid growth from flexible workers to the increase in the gig economy; numerous tech solutions have risen and automated various processes like recruitment, hiring, onboarding, payroll processing in HR, etc.

Let’s find out some HR technologies and that needs adoption in this 2020:

Use Employee Self-service (ESS) Portal

Employee self-service portal enables access to essential workforce functionalities accessible from anywhere. The portal is designed with various HR services such as time and attendance, employee benefits, payroll processing, etc.

In this 2020, employee empowerment and providing them with required autonomy boosts up employee retention rate and therefore helps to improve the reputation of the company with the ESS portal.

HR Compliance Management

HR compliance management is a critical part of HR operations where you need to keep track of a lot of information to stay on top of various regulations from background checks during recruitment to payroll compliances, labor laws, etc. A digital platform for managing your compliance helps you maintain your compliance.

But, considering all the factors, to maintain your compliance effectively, it’s better to outsource your compliance with an expert compliance management service provider, which saves your time and avoids hefty penalties.

Recruitment Automation

Recruitment automation enables you to automate the HR processes that were manually performed earlier. This technology leverages predictive analytics and artificial intelligence that can be utilized at every stage of the hiring process.

Many companies are using recruitment automation technologies in hiring to improve their competitive advantage. Recruitment automation technology can be used throughout the recruitment funnel, from the initial sourcing of candidates to final hiring decisions.

Hourly Worker Hiring Made Easy

Some tools help to hire shift-based or hourly workers. These technologies follow a separate recruitment cycle different from regular employees with a separate payment schedule, engagement needs, and contracts. Typically, hourly hiring is time-constrained, which makes it easy for the recruiters to use the tool.

Onboarding Solution

Many company’s onboarding processes continue to be a manual process which involves a lot of time and effort. Using an onboarding tool automates your onboarding process, thereby accelerating the recruitment part in your company and also improves employee experience.

Performance Management Solutions

A tool for performance management helps you conducting frequent reviews, rewarding employees, and adapting to agile working. As performance management is becoming regular, specialized digital platforms or tools for this purpose is mandatory.

These performance management tools help managers to check in with their employees, recognize their achievements, and collect feedback from the network of peers with very minimal manual efforts.

Payroll Management Solutions

Payroll automation removes the manual paperwork and compliance activities that you perform every month. Based on the business rules, along with employee attendance data, which are pre-configured, it automates the payroll processing.

But, payroll outsourcing services might be the smartest option as there is always a difference when an expert works on your payroll processing; it automatically releases your pressure of committing errors or mistakes on your payroll every month. When your payroll, handled by an industry’s trusted payroll service providers, gives you confidence and improves your concentration on other areas that needs a zoom-in.


Likewise, this 2020 has various new entrants for HR tools & technologies to simplify the HR processes, making it both informative and innovative. These technologies have to be adopted by the companies to keep you aligned with this fast-changing HR trends. Even though, with all those digital tools making your process more straightforward, outsourcing your HR to an expert for handling your HR process has its weightage and benefits at all times.

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