5 modern recruiting technique

January 12, 2021
5 Modern Recruiting Technique

Recruiting is another strategic area that has seen a sea of transformation due to the latest technologies. These days, corporate recruitment solutions are backed by cutting-edge technologies to streamline the process in a better way.

Many a time, the companies depend on staffing agency for fulfilling their recruitment targets. Staffing companies in India are incorporating new recruitment methods, based on new technologies that are setting new trends and standards for the coming times. With new business requirements and new skillsets, the entire recruitment procedure has got a definite facelift. The recruitment Industry has acquired new dimensions and skillsets based on new technology to give a new facelift to the whole process.

Predictive Analytics is now a handy tool

Of late, this has become a very important tool of any Staffing Agency. In simple terms this is a process, that can assist an employer in not only analysing top performers but in also predicting which of the candidates may translate into a high-performing asset. This has certainly become a very important strategy as far as temporary staffing solutions are concerned. Now employers have the option to move beyond the very basic activities and review some of the more advanced data. For example, with predictive analytics, employers can now have a look at the retention rates and success indicators of some of the top performers and apply this data to the hiring decisions as well. This in turn helps the managers to identify, which hiring sources may provide the best results.

Chatbots are increasingly becoming popular

More and more HR managers and staffing agencies are taking the help of high-end customized chatbots to make recruitment more efficient and better streamlined. Chatbots have a unique ability to integrate into existing Human Resource Information Systems. Tasks such as interview scheduling have become easy as now a days, as chatbots can be connected quite easily to a recruiter’s calendar. Chatbots based recruiting solutions are gaining more and more popularity among staffing companies in India. They have already been quite a money saver. For example, the Watson chatbot that IBM employs helped save around $107 million in 2017 alone.

Enhanced Vetting is another unique idea

Sometimes it is essential to get an idea about the background of a candidate. It is necessary to make sure that the prospective candidate must understand the company’s value and culture as well as its work ethos. This is a good way to keep the retention rates high and bring about a decline in turnover rates. The staffing companies in India are increasingly using behaviour assessment tools to find out a candidate’s suitability. This reduces the time in the actual interview process and gives the employer more time to assess soft skills.

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Artificial Intelligence has made its way in recruiting

The use of artificial intelligence can be noted majorly in recruitment industry, specially so in temporary staffing solutions. According to research sponsored by Oracle, it has been found that, within a short span of 24 months, there is a whopping 77% increase in the use of AI by different HR organizations across the globe. Though human touch is important, automation will undoubtedly have a major role to play in the times to come. Trained algorithms can source candidates in seconds, and a recruiter can respond to top candidates more quickly than ever before.

Increase use of Texting is a common phenomenon

Mobile Texting has made its way into recruitment lately in a major way. This is a technique that has the capability to drive engagement throughout the hiring process. Texting actually makes it possible for the recruiter to handle 20-30 conversations on the dashboard at the same time. It has been found that the average response time is 90 seconds, while it takes a maximum of 4 minutes for screening a candidate. Text-based recruiting enables the manager actually to reach ten times the candidates if contacted otherwise.

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