Proactive Steps to Identify and Prevent Workplace Harassment

October 19, 2021

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In spite of every possible step being taken toward achieving gender equality and equal pay for equal work, workplace harassment has not faded out yet. Mostly sticking out its ugly head in the form of sexual harassment—among other forms—workplace harassment may prove detrimental to any business. Today, entrepreneurs across the world have started considering ways to fend off the evils of workplace harassment in any form.

Major Types of Workplace Harassment

To identify and ward off harassment that negatively impacts the stability of your business, you first need to have a clear idea about its most common forms. Although there are various ways in which this issue may crop up, the implications are unwanted and awkward. The following are the major forms of workplace harassment that businesses need to tackle:

  • Personal harassment: One worker may pick on another – with dirty comments and inappropriate remarks. Intimidation falls under this type too.
  • Discrimination: Victims may be bullied or harassed in terms of race, gender, age, or other factors. Such discriminatory behavior proves to be very unhealthy among employees.
  • Physical harassment: Physical harassment commonly appears in the form of workplace violence. It involves inflicting physical violence or threatening.
  • Psychological harassment: Being subjected to constant criticism, being rubbished unduly, and getting their ideas trivialized are a few of how victims may experience psychological harassment.
  • Verbal abuse: This involves cursing, insulting, or yelling by one or more employees. The victim goes through unlimited agony.
  • Cyberbullying: In addition to sharing or distributing defaming information, cyberbullying may occur in direct messaging, tormenting the targeted person or persons.

Effective Strategies to Prevent Workplace Harassment

  • Have a stringent anti-harassment policy in place: The first step to avoid harassment of any sort is to craft a comprehensive anti-harassment policy and making it known to every employee in the organization. Ensure that the policy complies with all legal regulations and industry standards.
  • Regular training and awareness programs: Conduct training sessions to teach your organizational employees about sexual and other types of harassment in the workplace. Inform them of their rights, what is expected and what is not tolerable. POSH training is an effective way to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Create an organizational culture that eliminates harassment: Modern business owners must create and enforce a culture in their company that ensures every employee behaves professionally. The workplace ethics and culture must avoid belittling opinions and social isolation.
  • Provision for complaints and prompt action: Have an easy and clear way to file complaints about inappropriate behavior or harassment in any form. Act upon the complaints quickly, taking prompt and severe action so that such things do not resurface.

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General Steps to End Workplace Harassment

  • Keep your employees informed that harassment is not only prohibited but also punishable.
  • Provide special training to your managers and supervisors
  • Have multiple reporting channels to facilitate complaints.
  • Monitor the workplace using manpower as well as technology.
  • Protect your organizational members by using the services of the right HR services.
  • Bring ethics and culture under HR responsibilities in your company.
  • Delegate HR services to a reliable and skilled agency.

The Importance of POSH Training

The prevention of sexual harassment Act (POSH) plays a crucial role in educating your employees, ensuring compliance, and preventing sexual harassment in any manner. A third-party hotline proves to be very effective and allows employees to report issues without fear or inhibition.

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Preventing workplace harassment is a key element in HR responsibilities in the modern business arena. Failing to provide protection and safeguarding the welfare of each employee may not only lead to unwanted consequences in the workplace but also result in hefty legal liability. Partnering with experienced and reliable HR services such as TalentPro India will ensure that your business runs on the right track.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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