Here’s How You Can Stay Statutory Compliant and Achieve Hassle-Free Payroll Management

January 27, 2022
Here’s How You Can Stay Statutory Compliant and Achieve Hassle-Free Payroll Management

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is well-known that the entire payroll process is error-prone and expensive. To achieve a flawless payroll, most business enterprises have to spend hefty sums of money and precious time. Employees are invaluable assets for an organization. It is needless to say that compliance management and accuracy in the payroll process are two very crucial aspects in the contemporary business setting.

Professional payroll and compliance service providers help businesses to achieve these.

Why is Compliance Management Considered Critical for Business Success?

With the constantly changing labor laws and legal regulations, the payroll process is not just about paying your company’s employees. It involves accurately maintaining each employee’s financial record and details such as salaries, allowances, tax deductions, bonus data, leave information, and others.

Managing these and keeping your workforce satisfied while staying compliant with all regulatory needs is not easy. However, to ensure your business’s long-term success and sustenance, you have to exercise the utmost caution and accomplish this.

Failing to adhere to the industry-specific rules and norms associated with human resources may lead to unwanted legal issues and penalties.

Delegating your payroll process to a skilled and experienced Payroll and compliance service provider is one of the best possible ways to achieve accurate payroll and compliance management. Compliance service providers are equipped with the most modern technologies to handle all payroll and compliance management-related processes perfectly.

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Balancing Statutory Compliance and Accurate Payroll Process

Every modern business enterprise must stay compliant and updated with all the labor laws and regulations prescribed by the state and federal governmental agencies. Moreover, specific industry norms, as expected in the location of your business premises and workplace, must be fulfilled for running any business.

To run a business in the Indian subcontinent, companies must comply with several labor-specific laws, a few of which have been listed below:

  • Labor laws
  • Employment laws
  • Tax laws
  • Environmental rules and regulations
  • Industry-specific norms
  • Financial and corporate laws

How Does Compliance Service Provider Help Businesses? 

Whether start-ups or established, business enterprises need to comply with all the prescribed rules and norms, failing, which leads to severe financial and legal issues. Partnering with an expert compliance service provider helps your company to accomplish the following:

  • Stay compliant with the changing regulations
  • Ensure to follow ethical and employee-oriented practices
  • Reliable support and supervision during audits
  • Stay updated and adhere to the various laws and rules related to the specific industry
  • Obtain multiple benefits such as payroll management, compliance management, tax deduction, and report generation

Key Issues That Need to be Avoided in Payroll Process

  • Miscommunication of policy changes
    This can be avoided by joining hands with a reliable payroll service provider.
  • Miscalculations in salary and deductions, delayed payment, and erroneous payroll data
    An accurate payroll process and compliance management can be assured if you        partner with experienced HR Services that provide effective payroll services.
  • Managing employees at different geographical locations
    National business enterprises operate with their workforce located at various places. Each location has unique norms and settings. Payroll and compliance service agencies help multinational companies and MSME to adhere to specific regulations that prevail in the location.

Key Statutory Compliance Requirements in India

  • The minimum wages Act
  • The payment of bonus Act
  • Tax deduction at source
  • Professional taxes
  • Gratuity
  • The employees’ state insurance Act


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