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HR & payroll outsourcing services in Delhi

The largest commercial centre in north India is Delhi. Gurgaon is a diverse financial and industrial city and the Indian corporate headquarters of companies like IBM, american express, bank of america,  microsoft, and many more. 250 out of 500 fortune 500 companies are based out Delhi.

For many large businesses, managing payroll can be stressful and complicated. It is no wonder why many large players prefer to outsource their payroll processing to a third party payroll vendor.

How do you ensure that you are opting an appropriate and affordable payroll providers in Delhi to fit in your business need?

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All-in-one HR management services in Delhi

We provide the best services ever with the most flexible and straightforward system to manage your requirement. Our bouquet of services comprises of payroll, staffing, compliance, recruitment, executive search, aarampro startup solutions & HR consulting; and our bespoke solutions make us a sought-after service provider.

Payroll outsourcing services in Delhi that fit all business types

Payroll plays a critical role in the success of any company, no matter its size. TalentPro is committed to supporting you and your business by offering its robust payroll solutions that pair customizable support with creative and automated technology. Just experience how our solutions go to work for you.

With more than two decades, businesses in Delhi, India have turned to TalentPro for payroll process and HR Services.  TalentPro’s leading-edge payroll engine puts a full suite features at your fingertips so that you can simplify your payroll process and access reports anytime.

We are backed by our decades of deep industry experience and expertise; we’re proud to offer the best payroll outsourcing services in Delhi that provide real solutions to all business types. Our state-of-the-art proprietary payroll management software makes it simple to process the payroll on time and with accuracy making things fast and more comfortable than ever.

Manage your employees on-role or off-role in whatever way works best for your business with TalentPro’s efficient solutions.


At TalentPro, we maintain a highly trained payroll professional who can help clients with precisely what they wanted assistance with. So your process is made on-time and queries answers immediately. Nearly all process is automated, the manual intervention is very minimal, making it a simple yet effective solution of all the payroll services in Delhi.


Be it a complex payroll structure or multiple-shift based payroll process; we are always ready to assist with the best possible solutions. Many customizable modules, along with the payroll module, helps to reach your exact requirement.


Our payroll engine helps to streamline processes through various modules, both web and on mobile.


Protecting employee data is critical, and we take your security seriously. We are certified with SSAE Type 2 for data security and payroll processing.

Statutory compliance services in Delhi

Compliance management is the biggest challenge that most of the industry face. The most intimidating factor is the cost of handling the whole process and the time it consumes for an effective compliance management system.
TalentPro’s statutory compliance services has developed a strong team of professionals specializing in statutory compliance, labor laws, and regulations. When you opt to outsource your compliance management to an experienced vendor such as TalentPro, you are assured with effective compliance management without having to maintain a separate team to handle the complicated job. Be it shop & establishment compliance, factory compliance, or contract labour compliance or payroll compliance, we will be there when you need assistance—thus making us the best statutory compliance services in Delhi. Let us help you accomplish success in compliance at all times.

Third party payroll services in Delhi

Building a high-performing team is crucial for any business. TalentPro is a well known and established staffing company in India. Just in case you are looking for Temp staffing companies in Delhi or perm recruitment, we are the best third party payroll companies in Delhi who can understand what makes a good fit and help you achieve your goal. Since 2000, TalentPro has been teamed up with different businesses, with the relentless purpose of finding the best fit for each position. We do this through our proven hiring process, expertise skills, and best of the technology. With the client retention rate of 98.9%, our client’s trust has helped us do better for the past 20 years. Whatever your specialty, we can assist you in the unique hiring process, onboarding, offer letter management, payroll process, compliance management, till F&F, or termination formalities too.

Staffing migration – move employees to TalentPro’s payroll

If you want to migrate the existing employees to our payroll, we will provide you with the best solutions. While we manage employee salaries, employee benefits, and tax processes, you can save costs in the in-house team. Third party payroll has recently become the most successful way of handling the employees and very profitable to the business too. TalentPro has associates more than 50,000 pan-India across banking, finance, retail, manufacturing, construction, telecom, mining, and much more. When you think about third party payroll companies in Delhi, think TalentPro.

HRMS services in Delhi

Our technology is robust, which helps employers quickly and easily manage their resources and accomplish the unique needs of businesses. Our best practice reports and dashboards make the product even more useful. Our proven software can manage time & attendance, leaves, approvals, performance management, travel management, expense management, and much more.

Other HR management services in Delhi

TalentPro is a one-stop-shop for all your HR needs. Even if you are looking for compensation structuring or other HR consulting services in Delhi, you can count on us. We go the extra mile to find the best solutions for startups in Delhi with a suite designed to eliminate your worry on HR Activities and follow-ups while focusing on your core business. Whether you are looking for an effective payroll outsourcing services in Delhi or labour compliance services in Gurgaon-Noida-New Delhi, TalentPro can conveniently help your business across pan-India. Please connect with us to find the best payroll & HR management services in Delhi you have been waiting for. Tell us your requirement; we will reach you as early as possible.

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