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National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS)

The Indian
government amended the apprenticeship act 1961 even

keeping in view the progressing importance of apprenticeship training, and approved the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) on 19th august 2016. NAPS is a platform that shapes every trainee into a trained employee.

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TalentPro is committed to driving the future of India’s workforce through our collaboration with the national apprenticeship promotion scheme (NAPS). As an authorized third-party aggregator (TPA) for naps, we serve as a crucial intermediary between the government, employers, and aspiring apprentices, facilitating seamless participation in this transformative initiative. With TalentPro as your TPA partner, you can unleash the complete potential of naps and empower the upcoming generation of skilled professionals. Our role is to ensure smooth participation and effective implementation of this revolutionary program, driving positive change in the realm of skill development and employment opportunities. Whether you’re a major player or a small business, we possess the knowledge and resources to assist you in maximizing the benefits of apprenticeship training while contributing to India’s advancement.

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Why choose TalentPro as your NAPS TPA?

Expertise and experience
Benefit from our years of industry experience and in-depth understanding of NAPS guidelines. We bring unmatched expertise to ensure smooth implementation and compliance with the scheme's requirements.
Tailored solutions
Recognizing that every organization has unique needs, our team collaborates closely with employers to develop customized apprenticeship programs that align perfectly with their goals and requirements.
Efficient apprenticeship matching
Leveraging our extensive network and advanced matching algorithms, we excel at connecting employers with talented apprentices who possess the skills and competencies needed for success.
Comprehensive support
From initial registration to program completion, we provide end-to-end support to employers and apprentices, guiding them through every step of the process and addressing any challenges along the way.
Compliance assurance
As a trusted TPA, we strictly adhere to NAPS guidelines, helping employers navigate regulatory complexities and maintain compliance throughout the apprenticeship journey.

We Talentpro – ever evolving the inventive schemes

We at TalentPro are deeply rooted in the proforma of learning, Progressing, and upgradation of skills, professionalism, and career at an organizational and individual level. NAPS encloses training structure, transparency, efficiency, and liability. It is a nexus of the industry needs and the amount of workforce ready to be employed without additional cost to the trainer/establishment. 

TalentPro, a top-tier NAPS service provider / facilitator in Mumbai

TalentPro has vitalized and fuelled employers to get eminently involved in an assemblage of employment in Mumbai, where unemployment is quite a social attrition. In the passage of proportioning towards government schemes, our clients have benefitted and made potential workforce to suit the precise requirement of the organizations. Partnering with TalentPro also gives you access to our candidate pool of talent, future workforce, and consistent assistance through every path of the national apprenticeship promotions scheme (NAPS).

Our experience in working with resources and amalgamation of complex and rich intellectual solutions.

Our talent is ready to be skilled and upskilled with flexibility.

We meld the employers to involve youth in the workspace by factor-driving work reforms.

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Why TalentPro as your authorized third-party administrator (TPA) in Mumbai?

By choosing TalentPro as your NAPS TPA, you can unlock the full potential of the scheme and empower the next generation of skilled professionals. Whether you represent a large corporation or a small enterprise, we possess the expertise and resources to help you leverage apprenticeship training for maximum benefit while contributing to India’s socio-economic growth. Embark on a journey of talent development, innovation, and success by partnering with TalentPro. Contact us today to learn more about our TPA services for NAPS.

Basis of eligibility in NAPS

Course completion
ITI / PMKVY/ MES courses
Educational accomplishment
Fulfill minimum physical and education for trade and not undergone any formal trade training.

Norms of contract for recruiting a trainee under NAPS in Mumbai

Sign contract of apprenticeship with apprentice submit the apprenticeship contract online subject to the joint apprenticeship adviser/state apprenticeship adviser

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