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    Our End-to-End Statutory Compliance Outsourcing in Mumbai

    India has a complex labor law system that challenges even the most meticulous professionals. The need to be compliant stems from the highest level; even simple slip-ups can cause sleepless nights for the compliance officers. It certainly helps organizations to outsource compliance for quality and protection.

    TalentPro has been a compliance partner for most companies and factories in Mumbai for almost 20+ years, and we have guided our customers through an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Our expertise, knowledge, and services help our customers explore, develop and tackle challenging growth periods with confidence.

    Our bespoke compliance service in Mumbai provides the foundation for effective risk management, underpinning successful projects and operations. Whether it is 3rd party compliance service in Mumbai or extensive branch network audits, we have a solution for your needs. We also back you on your process, quality, incident, and problem management initiatives and policy and compliance management initiatives. All these will be supported by reports that give you a quick overview of audits and metrics, month-on-month, dispelling notions. With our professionals by your side, you can rest easy on statutory compliance needs.


    Our service offerings include

    • Registration under various labor laws
    • Support and implementation of an effective compliance system
    • Pan-India presence, legal expertise, solid rapport with authorities built over time
    • Labor Law audit mapping your organization’s risk profile vis-à-vis rules and legislations
    • Preparation, processing, submission of PF liabilities and follow-up with PF department
    • Liaison with Employees’ State Insurance(ESI) Branch Offices and ESI Dispensaries
    • Representation per relevant State Shops & Commercial Establishment Act
    • Preparation, processing, submission for Professional Tax and Labor Welfare Fund
    • Maintenance of registers per requirements of Contract Labor Act and Factories Act

    What Makes TalentPro Different?

    • We are leaders in the compliance industry with an amazing reputation from quality.
    • We are up to date with the latest legislative changes, regulations, documentations and procedures.
    • Our team has immense experience in understanding the law and are senior enough to take the right actions to significantly avoid the risk of litigation case
    • A proven track of giving the clients a high-quality delivery which makes us 98.9% in client retention.
    • Expertise in Tailored HR solutions to meet each company’s specific business needs.
    • Robust technology platform for automation, control and visibility.
    • Proven delivery expertise and experience to provide reliable and trusted services

    Why you should choose TalentPro as your compliance service provider in Mumbai

    Cruciality of Statutory Compliance

    Cruciality of Statutory Compliance:

    Statutory compliance is a crucial aspect of business today. It ensures that companies run ethically and legally according to standards or regulations. TalentPro offers the best statutory compliance outsourcing and consultancy services in mumbai.
    How TalentPro Can Be Your Best Compliance Partner

    How TalentPro Can Be Your Best Compliance Partner:

    TalentPro has you covered on all fronts when it comes to statutory compliance. We handle all your compliance needs while allowing companies to focus on their business without worry.

    Key Highlights of TalentPro’s Statutory Compliance Management:

    TalentPro’s team is well versed in all compliance aspects and has a national presence. We manage compliance needs so that companies can focus on maximizing their potential.
    Key Highlights of TalentPro’s Statutory Compliance Management

    How TalentPro Benefits SMEs and MNCs

    TalentPro offers a range of services that can be custom-built to a company’s needs. Whether it’s an SME just starting up or an MNC with more significant demands, TalentPro does it all. In the end, companies can look forward to not going through the intense effort and cost of handling compliance.
    How TalentPro Benefits SMEs and MNCs

    Industries covered

    Industries covered:

    With a strong national presence, TalentPro covers sectors ranging from education and e-commerce to manufacturing and institutions.
    Data security & assurance

    Data security & assurance:

    With superior IT systems in place and a robust security system, TalentPro offers data security and the assurance that your data is safe.


    With cost-effective plans, TalentPro offers quality services at competitive prices.

    Accuracy & Timeliness:

    TalentPro’s IT systems are second to none, providing accurate data and timely compensation and reports. To know more about our services
    Accuracy & Timeliness

    About TalentPro

    TalentPro India is a Briley Group Company, incorporated in 2000. Briley Group is a conglomerate with over US $3 billion revenue has interests in HR, Aviation, Hospitality, IT Enabled Services (BPO), Technology and Service Sectors.

    TalentPro is a fully integrated Human Resource consulting and outsourcing firm providing services such as Payroll, Staffing, Compliance, HRMS, HR Consulting, Recruitment and Corporate Training. We cater to organization of varying dimensions from medium size companies to large, multinational corporations across verticals such as Telecom, Manufacturing. FMCG, Financial services and Retail and has offices in 9 major Indian cities.

    About TalentPro Award

    About Our Clients

    TalentPro’s decade-long expertise in HR services has helped a large number of organizations in various verticals such as BFSI, FMCG, Automation, SMEs, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Insurance, etc. Our client retention rate of 98.9%, the highest in the HR industry, is a testament to the services that we provide.

    Payroll, whether managed in-house or outsourced, companies have to be compliant under EPF, ESIC, Professional Tax and Labor Welfare Fund. The legislations around payroll compliance are ever changing and state-specific, with periodic updates. Payroll compliance is time-consuming, cumbersome and voluminous for your business HR organization to manage this.

    TalentPro can help your business HR organizations with managing Payroll compliances including:

    TalentPro also provides assistance to your employees by setting up help desks for handling queries in the statutory-related processes and activities.
    Shop and Establishment Act is applicable to every branch of the entity and hence, no matter of the employee size, location, each one has to be registered under the Shop and Establishment Act as per geographical requirement.

    TalentPro offers end-to-end compliances which including the following activities:

    Call us today and we will help you understand how our statutory compliance services make it extremely easy for you to meet all central and stage government laws, labour and payroll compliance requirements. Our services are competitive and priced attractively. Join the hundreds of companies across India who are using our compliance services and focusing on their core business activities. Our lawyers and trained auditors will ensure all notices and queries from the authorities are answered professionally.

    Factory compliance requires expertise and a thorough knowledge of legislations covering factories. Organizations, usually neglect this core compliance, which may lead to grave consequences like huge penalties or even the business to be locked by the inspectors.

    TalentPro’s Factory Compliance expertise offers a specific set of audits to existing factories and even consulting services to your new factory set-ups. This can include green field/workshops/warehouses and so on.

    By partnering with TalentPro, you can be sure that your factory is compliant as per the norms with continuous support in assisting in registrations, renewal of licenses and handling inspections from authorities-internal/external/government/global clients, etc.,

    The Mines Act for companies involves activities that include evacuation or handling of any mineral related substances in the business operations. It is mandatory to comply with a specific set of compliances to ensure safety of your business, as a whole, and should never be neglected.

    TalentPro helps in handling end-to-end compliances starting with registrations, register maintenance, submission of returns, regular safety audits and related displays, inspection handling and related activities.

    TalentPro helps businesses to handle the entire suite of compliances that is related to contractors, temp staff, vendors, who are part of the non-core activities.

    TalentPro has a clientele in diverse business groups and companies, expertly managing the staffing compliance from hire to retire.

    Companies engage a number of contractors and contract laborers to carry out different jobs from highly skilled to unskilled activity.

    The principal employer is ultimately responsible for the compliances of the contractors.

    TalentPro offers this unique satatutory compliance services to systemize and ensure compliances of the contractors, from manning time office to ensuring that the contractors are compliant TalentPro offers customized services for companies engaging large number of contract staffing in:

    To comply with all statutory norms and avoid penalties for businesses to operate successfully, involves significant investment of resources, time, and continuous monitoring.

    With the ever-changing employment laws, it becomes a challenge for small and mid-sized companies to keep themselves compliant. What these organizations need is reliable HR statutory compliance services from an experienced provider.

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