How Crucial Is Your HR Supplier’s Strategic Growth Plan?

February 16, 2017

More and more services providers are outsourcing their staffing solutions, regardless of the nature of their services or the number of employees their operations involve. Staffing is an operation that demands picture perfect execution. You have to be on your feet to appoint the right person to do the right job at the right time. Naturally, this asks for a lot of time as well as manpower. This is where staffing outsourcing makes all the difference.

Every organisation spends an enormous amount of time worrying about growth. The senior management spends a large amount of their time discussing growth strategies and how to look for and corner business opportunities.

The pertinent question is – are you giving enough attention to your employees? Is human resource a part of your business strategy? Is your HR system geared to encourage employee happiness and growth?

Sometime ago, I met a bunch of kids on a train – a noisy bunch that were literally hijacking seats so they could sit together to chat and play cards. When my seat was hijacked, I lost my temper as I had booked my seat with great care. Fortunately, the kids had a similar seat for me and I settled down to read a book. When the train started moving, the kids started talking excitedly about their company. I realised a couple of things then:

•   The kids were very proud of their company.

•   The trip they were in was sponsored by the company. The company believed in giving time off for the employees.

•   They believed that their company was the best in the world and that success was guaranteed

Obviously, the management was doing something right to create such an adulation for the company, and trust in its operations. The advantages to the company are multiple and simple:

•   A focused workforce that will work by themselves as they believed in the company.

•   Low attrition.

•   Ease of hiring new employees as word of mouth spreads quickly.

Outsourcing Your HRMS

When you choose a provider for your HR services, there are a number of things you have to be sure of.

1.   Does the service provider have a good reputation in the market?

2.   Does he have a mission and vision that will help your strategy for your own growth?

3.   Does he have a strategy for his own growth?

The service provider’s strategy for his own growth is important as it will give you the confidence of dealing with an organisation that know what it is doing. It is important that the chosen provider of HR services spend enough time on his application to make it robust and dependable. These are some of the checks you can do to be satisfied you are making the correct choice.

1.   If the HR Services are provided as a SaaS (software as a service), do they have the necessary infrastructure to give you unhindered HR Services? Ask them questions on connectivity and security. A good HR Services provider will have convincing answers to these questions and back them up with pertinent data.

2.   It is important that the HR Services provider has a budget for his application and spends time on its upkeep and making sure it is current. He has to be updated on statutory requirements and ensure his software is updated regularly. In India, statutory compliance is critical and has to be met.

These and your own HR strategy will ensure organisational stability and sustainability with the critical factors that keep employees happy. Choose your HR Services provider carefully and after evaluating all your options.

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