Third Party Payroll Outsourcing – Why it is So Important to Consider?

January 11, 2019

Payroll is complicated, time-consuming and involves a varied range of responsibilities on daily basis. Small and Medium businesses find it very stressful to manage it all by themselves and thus are increasingly preferring a third party payroll service provider. This is owing to the fact that it has been proven effective and easier to handle payroll when signing up with an agency.

Third party Payroll outsourcing has several benefits. Here are a few:

1.    Saves Time

Payroll Processing is time-consuming and strenuous and requires your employees to keep track of the changing state and federal laws. It is easier for a third party payroll provider to complete the process without any hassle by consuming less time. Outsourcing payroll can also benefit your employees since they are free to focus better on more-specific tasks at hand.

2. Saves Costs

Third party payroll have been found to cut company costs by no less than 18% when in comparison with hiring an in-house payroll team. It is wiser to also prefer an external payroll agency over a third party payroll consultant, as you will end up saving thousands in rupees.

3. Better Business Growth

Running a business requires your time and attention and as a business owner, one cannot afford to focus on time-consumption practices like overlooking and managing Payroll, etc. Leave the hard work to the experts and focus better on your business. Outsourcing to a third party payroll provider has helped businesses to consistently focus extensively on its performance and achieve a better growth rate.

4. Better compliance to State and Federal Laws

As discussed above, complying with the state and federal laws requires constant attention and is best dealt with when a third party payroll service provider is involved. There are better chances to avoid errors when you have the support and assistance of an expert team. Incorrect filings could lead to penalties and can sometimes attract heavy costs when it is found to be non-compliant with the state and federal laws.

5. Professional Expertise

Third party Payroll services are most preferred since they come with the required professional knowledge and expertise that is essential to ensure an error-free and smooth process. One of the major concerns faced by organisations when opting to outsource payroll is their data. It may definitely feel overwhelming to give access to your data and sensitive information. However, it is not much of a concern if your payroll service provider has superior security protocols in place. Businesses needn’t worry about their data since these providers ensure that your data is safe and will not be tampered with.

Choosing your third party payroll service provider wisely is crucial to ensure your Payroll process is efficient and smooth. TalentPro offers varied levels of Payroll services which makes it easier for businesses to choose the services based on its requirements. TalentPro is a leading third party Payroll service provider in India offering comprehensive solutions on Payroll processing, Compliances, HR Consulting, etc.

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