Things that Motivate Employees More than Wages & Attractive Salaries – What Matters?

March 11, 2019

Money is not be all and end all

Money is undoubtedly a huge factor in motivation but certainly can’t buy an employee’s loyalty towards his organization. If we are completely honest with ourselves, pay can only motivate us so much. Even if we earn a good salary figure but are working to the point of exhaustion in some dilapidated office, working with unfriendly and in professional people, and working with a boss who is unsupportive and doesn’t appreciate, I am sure; we will not like to work under such conditions.

Here are some ways to galvanize your workforce:

1. Learning and Development: up-skilling is an essential part and parcel of employee motivation. Employees feel that they matter to the business and that there is room for their progression. It has been observed that the employees are more motivated by some well thought out plan for training them. Skill development not only benefits the employee but the employer as well. It generates a very positive feeling in the employee and motivates him a lot to do his best.

2. The Path for Progression: It is not enough to do skill development classes. It has been observed that an employee gets motivated most; when he comes to know that there are good rungs on the career ladder that they can climb. The security and progress in the job is probably the best thing that an employee looks for. When you roll out a plan of progression for your employees, perhaps that is the best non-monetary employee motivation that you are offering.  Many of the grievances are automatically resolved when you circulate a plan of progression for your employees. When you provide the employee with wider opportunities such as promotion within the same department, another area of the business or working with a new role in a different country altogether, will definitely give a motivational high to the employee.

3. Employee Recognition: When an employee is genuinely appreciated and motivated for all the good works he has done for the company, definitely he gets that motivation to do still better. In simpler terms, you can try more than just offering the regular salary by issuing the occasional pat on the back. Recognition comes in many forms, and it is up to you and your management skills. We all get that extra motivation to something better when we are praised for our work. Employee recognition is one of the best ways of employee motivation. Some employees are greatly motivated when they are praised in front of others; a few would like to go for a team lunch and fun activities. These are the general norms for employee recognition among corporates these days.

4. Employees like Autonomy: Employees should know their roles and responsibility within their organization. It has come to light that when employees are given more meaningful tasks and responsibilities, they feel important and they become self-motivated. They think that their opinions and ideas are given importance. Always have feedback from your team and instill in them a feeling that their views matter to you and your business. The more impact an employee has in your business, the more likely they are to feel connected to the business.

5. Work Environment: Work life balance is a motivating factor. Work-life balance is important and greatly influences the motivational level of an employee. A great and a friendly working environment often motivate an employee a lot. A satisfied employee is an asset as he increases the productivity level. It is the dream of every employee to be part of a supportive work environment. There are many such instances where an employee has refused a greater pay from a rival company as he will like to cherish the work environment of his present company. This is the best example of how a non-monetary thing contributes more to employee motivation.

You can keep the smiles on the faces of your employees by nurturing the best and brightest and giving them the required skills that they need to further their careers and to gain a sound experience. An employee may not have a heft package but still be very happy, contrary there have been cases where an employee may draw a sound salary, but his motivational levels are low. Thus employee motivation depends on multiple factors apart from wages.

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