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August 2, 2019


IT is a highly competitive field and even large organizations must play catch-up at times. Technology is a major component in a business’ success and there will always be a need for a skilled workforce. In cases like these outsourcing IT staffing is the way to go.

How IT staffing is usually carried out:

IT staffing is a process outsourced by companies to hire the best talent. IT staffing companies or agencies are concerns that recruit talent based on a company’s specific technical needs. For instance, if companies require hires skilled in specific software, protocols or systems, staffing companies offer IT staffing solutions. These companies handle the staffing process from end to end. These companies identify talent, train candidates if necessary and orient them into the company.

Needs and Demands of IT staffing:

  • Talent Retention: Managers and organizations face the problem of retaining top talent. The frequency of advancing through the ranks of one company through a career has reduced. Managers and companies must come up with initiatives and incentives that make top talent remain in the same company for longer periods.
  • Cutting Down Cost Per Hire: In a competitive field like IT, the staffing process is an investment. One of the demands in IT staffing is reducing the amount per hire. The staffing process is outsourced to IT recruitment agencies that reduce the amount of investment per hire.
  • Candidate Sourcing: Maintaining a candidate pool is by no means an easy task. Staffing or recruitment companies maintain a large database of prospective candidates so they can be sourced at short notice. However, this must be constantly updated. Candidates may be working on other assignments or there may be a change in their status or increase in skill levels and so on.
  • Keeping Up with Technological Advancement: Given that IT is directly reliant on technology, the IT recruitment agency or staffing agency must be aware of the latest tech. Be it from the smallest change in IT to the largest, these companies must be in the know. In some agencies training is provided to the candidates, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve.

TalentPro- Your best staffing solution

With TalentPro on your side, you can rest assured and leave the staffing process to us. We have access to a vast database of qualified prospects looking for opportunities. Rest assured TalentPro will find a solution custom built to your IT needs.

Services Offered:

TalentPro offers two major services in terms of staffing:

  • Contractual staffing
  • Permanent staffing

Contract staffing refers to a hire at short notice based on a contract for a specific need. Contract hires do the work of employees but does not have all the benefits offered to employees. Permanent staffing is for more permanent, full-time roles and positions.

Highlights of our staffing services

With a pan-India presence, 50,000 staff in various sectors, a robust HR management system and a client retention percentage of 98.9%, TalentPro is your one-stop shop for all staffing needs.


TalentPro has a lot of experience and clients owing to the standard of our work. We cater to all sectors from FMCGs, E-commerce, institution, manufacturing and so on. Some of our clients include:

  • Saint Gobain
  • L&T
  • Caterpillar

Data security and assurance

With an impregnable data security system that cannot be breached, TalentPro assures you that all your data is in the right hands- be it for payroll processing, HRIS and so on. Any unauthorized entry will set off alarms and will cut of the breach.

Cost Effectiveness

Given TalentPro’s clientele and wealth of services, we offer them at highly competitive prices in the industry.  A small price to pay to put your company on the map.

TalentPro offers a viable range of solutions handcrafted for you and your company’s needs. Contact us today.

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